MiNT Camera Launches Modern Polaroid Camera

InstantKon SF70 Instant Camera
Image @MiNT Camera

While the world of photography has evolved over the years, and you can now take a photo of excellent quality using your smartphone, there are is still some joy in using a vintage camera. We are talking about the Polaroid SX-70, the first instant SLR camera in the world.

The production of this classic camera run between 1972 and 1981, revolutionizing the world of photography. In the current market, you can only purchase a refurbished model. As you can imagine, the costs for such a vintage item is quite steep.

The prices range between $300.00 and $500.00, depending on the seller. Because the world of instant film photography is more or less the same, the price is worth it for most photographers interested in the field.

The good news is some innovators have imagined a world with a more advanced version of Polaroid SX-70. MiNT Camera, a company that tries to merge modern and old day technology, is doing just that with its InstantKon SF70.

InstantKon SF70 is still a manual control instant camera, with some advanced features from the digital cameras we have all come to know. Its features borrowed from the Polaroid SX-70 instant camera are:

  • Very foldable for portability.
  • Depth in the field of the subject.
  • It has the classic Polaroid SX-70 design.
  • Shares same focus and control with Polaroid SX-70.
  • It has the same square film format as the Polaroid SX-70.

In contrast, the InstantKon SF70 differs from Polaroid SX-70 with the below features:

  • Uses split-image rangefinder, while the Polaroid SX-70 uses split-circle single-lens-reflex.
  • It uses Fujifilm Instant Square film type, while the Polaroid SX-70 uses Polaroid SX-70 type.

Apart from the above contrasting features, InstantKon SF70 has the below features that Polaroid SX-70 does not have:

  • A built-in flash that automatically adjusts brightness depending on the environment. This helps in increasing one’s adaptability to the camera. If you do not like the flash, you still have the option to switch it off.
  • An aperture control.
  • A shutter speed control. It allows you to customize pictures to your liking by controlling the amount of light that hits the film.

InstantKon SF70 also features ND filters, ensuring you do not overexpose the film in very bright light by decreasing the amount of light that enters the camera. The camera is also lightweight, weighing only 679g and measuring W160 x H120 x D64mm. With such a size and weight, you can easily carry it when traveling to capture instant images of anything that catches your attention.

It comes with 2 AA Alkaline batteries, an audio jack, neck strap eyelets, a tripod mount socket, a cable release socket, and a 5-year warranty. With these accessories plus the InstantKon SF70 instant camera, you can part with $824.00 on the Super Early Bird – Bonus Bundle backpacking price on Kickstarter. This package also includes neutral density 4 filters, unlimited free film movement, and Fujifilm Instax square film. The Early Bird price, which lacks Fujifilm Instax square film, will cost you $826.00.

While it’s promising innovators are trying to bring back variant models of the Polaroid SX-70, the hefty price of InstantKon SF70 is probably not for everyone. With shipping slotted for May 2021, you should probably consider buying other more affordable models in the market.

This Fujifilm Instax Mini goes for only $121.29 on Amazon and has a kids mode for photographing your kids and pets. Kodak is not left behind either, with this model going for $129.99, and features more digital features than InstantKon SF70 instant camera. You can also view more options on Amazon for lower prices than these, as low as $60.00.

About The Team

MiNT Camera is a Hong Kong Based Tech company founded with the aim of merging modern innovation in the tech industry with the timeless design of the classic Polaroid SX-70. Since its inception, the company has launched other instant cameras. InstantFlex TL70 and the SLR670 series are some of the company’s legacy in the world of instant photography.