Misen Oven Steel Promises to Deliver Precise Cooking & Browness

Misen Oven Steel
Image @Misen, Kickstarter

June 2021, Brooklyn, USA; Misen launches oven steel for all precise and better browning of all your oven cooked meals.  

While our ovens are versatile in roasting and baking just about everything, most of the time, we rarely get the even browning and crunchiness we all desire. Well, you can cook or bake your food longer to get the desired results. But that comes with a risk of overcooking or burning your food. 

It sounds like there is no winning. But, innovators are always looking for ways to introduce kitchen gadgets that add a layer of prowess to our culinary skills. Misen is one of these players, and they are back to the crowdfunding trail with the Misen oven steel

The Brooklyn based group is renowned for its array of cookware, knives, and prep tools that set your kitchen apart. The new crowdfunding project is ongoing on Kickstarter, with less than a week left to the end of the campaign. 

What do you get if you back the campaign? 

The Misen oven steel is a steel plate that acts as a thermal battery. It ensures your oven retains its temperatures within the 5 to 10-degree range of your preferred cooking temperature. 

Most often, the temperatures in our ovens fluctuate during the cooking process. Some of the ovens miss the mark of your chosen cooking temperature with 30ºF to 50ºF difference. With this, your food will cook unevenly, and the browning will be way off. 

However, the Misen oven steel has a high thermal mass. It will buffer and replenish heat inside the oven when it is hot enough, reducing any heat fluctuations that affect your cooking. This way, it reduces the variance in temperature from the range of 30ºF to 50ºF to that of 5ºF to 10ºF. 

The advantages, your food will cook evenly, and you will get the perfect and precise browning you wanted to achieve. The Misen oven steel allows you to bake, grill, braise or roast anything on it, from veggies to meat or pizza. 

Misen oven steel is also easy to store. Once you are done, just clean it and leave it inside your oven. You do not need any extra space for its storage. It is also durable, and unlike ceramic steel, does not crack when you pour water on it when it is hot. 

Its key features include: 

  • A36 Carbon Steel material 
  • 6mm thickness 
  • No maintenance required; and
  • It is indestructible 

You can get as many Misen oven steels as you want, depending on how much cooking you do or how big your oven is. Unfortunately, the early bird offers are gone, but there are other crowdfunding prices at a discount you can take advantage of. Currently, one Misen oven steel costs $55.00, a $10 discount from the retail price of $65.00.

Are there options in the market you can explore? Yes, there are. Products like Impresa steel stone and NerdChef steel stone are readily available on retail sites like Amazon. The only issue is that these are great as pizza pans. On the other hand, Misen’s oven steel is quite versatile. You can use it for more cooking duties, including braising, grilling, baking or roasting. 

If you are willing to wait until November 2021, when shipping starts, maybe it could be worth backing the project.