Modern Stovetop Coffeemaker Pot Launch

March 2021, Chicago, IL, USA: Crucial Detail reimagines the traditional stovetop coffeemaker with its latest product, Orb One. 

The market is full of coffee brewing machines, from the small kitchen appliances to full-blown barista equipment, you can have in your home. But that does not stop new entrants from venturing into the market with newer and tech-savvy gadgets.

Are you looking for a compact coffee brewer, especially one that caters to your coffee cravings while on the road? The Orb One coffeemaker could be what you just need.

The coffeemaker might not be in the market until November 2021, but there is still a chance to back its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. You will receive your Orb One coffeemaker in November at only $120.00, a 20% discount price. Unfortunately, this is limited to certain countries.

What Do You Get?

The Orb One coffeemaker is a single-serve coffee brewer with an 8oz capacity. What makes it unique is the ability to brew any coffee type. All you have to do is change the grind, giving you a variety of coffee drinks without compromising each coffee type’s flavor and richness.

Second, its small and compact design lets it stand out from the rest. Think of it as a modern reimagination of the traditional and stovetop Moka pot. The only difference is that Orb One improves on some of the features of the traditional pot. For instance, the Orb One can work on any stove, from gas to electric ceramic plates and inductions. You can even bring it with you when chasing nature trails and brew a cup of coffee using a camping stove. Additionally, the post is fast brewing, taking at least 2 minutes to brew regardless of the stovetop you are using.

The base is wide, stable, and energy-efficient, ensuring you do not use a lot of power or gas when brewing your coffee. Most importantly, it has a quick locking system that holds the upper part of the pot steadily on the bottom base for maximum safety.

It also features a long and insulated handle that allows you to hold and carry the pot comfortably and safely, even when on a stovetop. For a clean pour, the pot has an easy spout.

The coffeemaker is made from durable and high-quality materials, stainless steel, FDA silicone, aluminum, and wood (which is sustainably sourced and FSC certified) if you are an Eco user). The stainless steel filter is also reusable, saving you from replacing filters.

Should You Back the Project?

For starters, are you worried about the deliverability of the company? The good news is that this is not the first project the creators of Orb One have created on Kickstarter. If you are willing to wait for a few more months, well, about 7 more months, you can get yourself one while they are still selling at a discount.

But, if you’re looking for something more affordable and available in the market, there are plenty of choices. These models might not have the design of a traditional pot, but they still deliver.

For example, Wacaco’s Pipamoka coffeemaker is designed like an insulated travel mug, is fast brewing, and retains heat for long. Gladiator’s coffeemaker is another option. The only issue with these is that you cannot use them on a stovetop. You will need hot water to make your coffee. If you are looking for one that sits on stovetops, there are many options, but most of the available coffeemakers are bulky for regular portability.

About the Team

Crucial Detail is a design studio with over a decade of experience designing and producing tech-savvy food products. The company has won several awards for its innovations. It has a collection of bar and glassware products under its belt, all available on the company’s website.