MP Magic Launches The Supima Cotton Socks 2.0

MP Magic Launches The Supima Cotton Socks 2.0
Image @ MP Magic, Kickstarter

After eight successful crowdfunding campaigns, MP Magic is back with the ninth campaign for its MP Magic Supima Cotton Socks 2.0. MP Magic has heavily marketed the Supima Cotton 2.0 socks as an upgrade and the best odorless socks in the world. Are they? 

For starters, they have mesh ventilation in certain areas, like the sole and instep, that enhances moisture wicking and breathability. Because of this, your feet remain dry throughout the day. This, coupled with MP Magic’s Certified Deodorant Tech, maximizes deodorization, leaving them odorless all day long. 

The socks are made from Supima cotton, which is usually longer than regular cotton. This makes it stronger for durability, but softer.

MP Magic has also combined the cotton fabric with metals like zinc, copper, and silver in making the socks. As a result, it has allowed the socks to have metal circulated areas for conduction. This helps in boosting blood circulation in such areas of your feet. It also alleviates fatigue, especially when traveling or working for longer hours. 

The socks are designed to serve you for a more extended period without washing for ever-busy travelers with no access to laundry areas. In fact, MP Magic promises that its Supima cotton socks can be worn in extreme conditions for up to 6 days without washing. 

The socks come in two color options — black and grey. Shipping is scheduled for May 2022. However, you can preorder yours from its Kickstarter campaign page. $39.00 will get you six pairs of Magic Supima Cotton Socks 2.0. That’s a 35% discount off the marked retail price of $60.00

MP Magic is a Seattle-based clothing line company that uses pioneering technologies to produce its products, ranging from towels, socks, beddings, and more. It was founded in 2017, and its first product was launched after a successful crowdfunding campaign.