New Night Vision System With Dashcam

Lanmodo Vast Pro
Image @ Lanmodo, Indiegogo

Dashcams have become an essential item for drivers, not just for helping the driver view their surrounding environment better when driving but also for their ability to record the happenings. With con people causing accidents to benefit from insurance claims, you can never be too careful by arming yourself with a video record that acts as your witness when everything goes haywire.

While at it, why settle for the bare minimum when you can go for a system with night vision? Lanmodo, a provider of car solutions, has launched a new night vision system. The Vast Pro, an upgrade of the company’s first-night vision product, Vast, is already crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

The Lanmodo Vast Pro is more than just a night vision system. It also features a dashcam for a better and safer driving experience during the day and night.

Vax Pro Key features

  • Dual 1080P camera resolution on both the front and rear cameras
  • Full-color imaging on both cameras with clear images even in the night
  • Viewing distance of up to 984 feet or 300 meters, giving you enough time to react and avoid an accident
  • Driving recorder
  • G-sensor
  • Parking mode
  • Memory card with up to 128GB storage
  • IP67 waterproofed rearview camera

To capture crisp-clear images, Lanmodo Vast Pro uses a Sony CMOS sensor chip plus a 7-layered full glass for safe protection. The G-sensor will detect any student collision and save the footage for evidence purposes. Also, the recordings are saved with time for easy access. You can access the video from the card reader on your computer or play them back from the system.

It comes with front and rearview cameras, each proving real-time recordings. Both cameras work simultaneously and come with a maximum capacity of 128G each.

The front camera offers a 45-degree monitoring range while the rearview camera has a range of 170-degrees. The cameras also have a 24 hours monitoring function when on park mode to capture any incidents when the car is parked.

Lanmodo Vast Pro is easy to install and uses a sticky Nano glue base or function that is durable and washable.

Should You Back Lanmodo Vast Pro?

If you like backing products from companies with history and already have products in the market, Lanmodo’s could then be one of those companies. Also, the hot sale of the super early Vast Pro, which is unfortunately sold out, shows that other backers have faith in the product.

With an early price of $229.00 still available on Indiegogo, you can back the product and save about 63% off the retail price of $599.00.

Unfortunately, items like the TF card reader are an add-on and will cost you an extra $19.00, which is 35% off the retail price of $29.00. You can opt for a Vast Pro with a rearview camera or one without a rearview camera. Whichever option you choose, you will get a cigarette lighter plug-in, OBD adapter, screwdriver, base, and a suction cup.

Are you in a hurry to buy a dashcam with night vision and can’t wait until January 2021, when Vast Pro starts shipping? Well, Amazon is an excellent place to purchase such gadgets that have already been in the market and have several reviews from users. Viofo A129, Vantrue N2 Pro, and Apeman are some of the widely reviewed gadgets with a more affordable price.

About the Team

Lanmodo, an LA-based company, was founded in 2015. The company designs and creates innovative products that aim to improve their client’s daily life. Since its founding, the company has released an automatic car tent that also doubles as an outdoor umbrella and a camping tent. The company launched its first-night vision system, Vast in 2018. All the products were successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo.