OGAWA Leband Electric and Wireless Sit-Stand Desk Converter

November 2020: Los Angeles, United States, Leband launches an electric and portable standing desk for perfect home working stations. 

With working from home becoming a reality, taking care of one’s sitting position is more important than ever. As much as working from home is a relief during the pandemic, the lack of proper office furniture can be a health hazard. Think about your sitting position on the couch, dining table, kitchen counter, among others. The lack of proper workstation will cause strain on your neck, back, and shoulders.

There are several standing desks in the market to choose from, and Leband is throwing its hat into the ring. OGAWA Leband is an electric, wireless, and portable standing desk that converts into a flat or standing workstation.

Here’s what it offers:

  • Flexibility so you can move it
  • A maximum standing height of 18.6- inches
  • A maximum lifting load of 33lbs
  • Has a wireless charging system for charging your mobile device
  • A one-touch control system for electric lifting
  • Memory function for saving your preferred height settings
  • Lightweight and highly portable for working on any surface, like kitchen counters or the coffee table
  • Child lock function ensures children do not tamper with the desk

The desk comes assembled so you can use it straight from the box. One of the things to love about the OGAWA Leband desk is the customization ability. With this, you can easily adjust the desk’s height to suit your height or your working surface. In addition, it also has a smart height memory function, so it saves your height preferences for future use.

Another advantage is its wide working surface of 23.3 inches width and 34.3 inches length that allows one to place multiple items, including a computer monitor, keyboard, and other small items. Apart from the wireless charging system, it also has an inbuilt USB charging hub with two ports for easy charging of your devices.

Another pro is the scratch-resistant surface that ensures even your pet’s claws do not tamper with the surface. Its silicone foot pads will protect any surface you place the workstation on from scratches.

Apart from this, the company is also selling some accessories, which further enhance your sitting position and overall health. These include a Leband lumbar back support and a Leband massage sticker. Unfortunately, these are not giveaways, and each item will cost you an extra $39.00 and $12.00 simultaneously. The retail prices for these are $69.00 and $19.00, so you will be saving some cash.

If you are ready to back the project, it is still crowdfunding on Indiegogo and has less than a week to go. If not, you can opt for other options in the market. For instance, Amazon has several options to choose from, some with a lower price, like Fezibo and TechOrbits.

The workstation’s early bird price is $169.00, a 48% discount off the retail price of $329.00.

About the Team

Leband is one of Xiaomi’s leading brands and belongs to the OGAWA Group, a large massage equipment manufacturer in Asia. The OGAWA group owns 8 global brands, including Leband, Fuji, Cozzia, and Medisana. It also has several health products, like foot massagers, neck massagers, and eye massage equipment.