Olive Pro: Two in One Bluetooth Earbuds And Hearing Aids

Image @Olive Union, Indiegogo

December 2020, California, USA: Olive Union launches a Bluetooth earing bud with hearing aids for individuals with hearing impairment, the Olive Pro. 

In the current world, where there are gadgets for almost every aspect of our lives, it should be no surprise that there is a gadget for those with hearing impairment. The market is full of hearing aids, with a few manufactures incorporating extra features.

So, what is Olive Union doing that is different? Olive Pro, Olive Union’s Bluetooth earbuds have incorporated hearing aids with enhanced sound features, making it possible for individuals with hearing problems to enjoy conversations and music on the go.

Are the earbuds any good? Considering that this is the second campaign that the company is running as an improvement of Olive earbuds’ first generation, one can safely assume the gadgets are worth having.

Here’s what a pair of these earbuds offer:

  • Has an FDA registered hearing aid
  • Automatic noise cancellation of any background noise
  • A long-running rechargeable battery lasts for 18+ hours.
  • Wireless charging battery and comes with a wireless charging case.
  • Has wireless pairing with other gadgets for music and calls
  • Crisp, clear sound quality
  • Brilliant speech understanding
  • A mobile app for control that will soon be available on both Android and iOS platforms.

The earbuds can distinguish and amplify human voices by cutting out any unnecessary noise, ensuring you have clear conversations when in a busy environment. Its speakers with BA drivers help deliver immersive HD audio when you listen to music or are on calls.

You can easily personalize your music experience, allowing individuals with different hearing conditions to have sound quality that suits their needs. All one has to do is take a five-minute hearing test using the app. This personalization helps prevent hearing loss while still enhancing your hearing.

Because finances are also an issue for some individuals when it comes to affording most of hearing aids in the market, Olive Union claims to have the most affordable package for all. You get a pair from Indiegogo using the early bird price of $199.00 and save 33% off the retail price of $299.00.

With some of the high-end hearing aids with Bluetooth features costing over $1,000.00, Olive Pro is quite affordable, even without the Indiegogo Early bird price for anyone who wants to back the project.

For example, Hear.com hearing aid prices range from $1,249.00 to $3,500.00 depending on the features you need. Phonak’s hearing aids like Phonak Marvel and Phonak Bolero cost over $1,500.00. These are just a few examples, but most of the hearing aids in the market will cost you an upward of $1,000.00.

Should You Back Olive Pro Crowdfunding Project?

If you need an affordable pair of hearing aids and don’t mind waiting until February 2021, when the shipping will begin, then maybe. Olive Pro is an enhanced version of the first generation of hearing aids Olive Union successfully crowdfunded.

Since the hearing aid is also FDA approved, one can trust that it is of excellent quality for any individual with hearing impairment. It is also CE certified and has a CES award.

About the Team

Olive Union is headquartered in Japan, with another office in Carson City, US. The research and development center of the company is based in Korea. It was founded by Owen Song, an engineer who was looking for an affordable hearing solution for his uncle. Olive Smart Ear, the company’s first product, has had success in the market so far, with 4.7-stars on the company’s website. While the first product is not a hearing aid, the company has rolled out the Olive Pro, enhancing the first product that comes with a hearing aid.