OYeet Unveils The NEX Portable Massage Gun

Image @ OYeet, Indiegogo

Dealing with sore muscles is becoming easier, thanks to portable massage guns. OYeet is launching its own deep tissue massage gun, OYeet Nex.

OYeet Nex is a super portable percussion massaging gun that you can take with you anywhere. Whether you are indoors or outdoors and in need of relieving some muscle pressure, the Nex promises to help you alleviate the pain from hiking, running, cycling, and workout muscle tensions. For easy portability, the Nex also comes in a mini travel case.

It is about 50% smaller in size than most models in the market and weighs only 1.3lbs. It has a 360-degree ergonomic grip design and a low noise level of 45dB for more comfortable usage. The Nex comes packed with 3500ppm speed and 40lbs of force.

There is a long-running battery that lasts about 240 minutes on a full charge. This allows you to have at least 30 days of uninterrupted power when you use it for 10 minutes every day. You can charge the battery effortless from your laptop or wall charger using a cable or place it on the charging stand for core-less charging.

You can use it to relieve muscle tension on your chest, upper legs, lower legs, or arms. The Nex features 4 massaging speeds with a single button at your fingertip for easy control. The speeds rotate automatically, with 1800ppm for awakening muscles, 2400ppm for loosening and releasing the tension, and 3500 ppm for deep tissue massage.

The gadget is assembled into four detachable pieces that you can easily detach for cleaning and maintenance. It has a softball, bullet, soft flat, and fork pieces. The softball part covers a larger surface area and is best for narrowing down pain points. The soft flat’s wide base area offers more significant contact with the body, while the dork part is for working on specific muscle groups. When you need to target certain trigger points, the bullet part is the best option.

The project is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo and is working to turn the prototype into a final product. With the super early bird price of $129.00, 35% off the retail price of 199.00, you can get yourself one of these massaging guns while the project is still crowdfunding. You can choose from the two color options of red or gray colors. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

The estimated delivery date for Nex is February 2021, but if you are looking for available options in the market, you can choose from this wide array of options on Amazon. Some of these brands have a lower price than the Nex’s early bird price, like the Renpho, Naipo, and Medcursor.

About The Team

O’Yeet is a wellness tech company that was founded in the US and is based in Pasadena. It creates innovative personal tools for individuals to improve their wellness. While this is the first crowdfunding campaign for the team, the company has developed other innovative gadgets for home use. The Gopower blender, shaker bottle, and Gopower grinder are already in the market and readily available on the company’s site and Amazon.