Portable Cutlery by Cliffset For Clean Eating

Image @Cliffset, Kickstarter

For germaphobes, enjoying your meals away from home is usually far from happening. If you are sharing cutlery with colleagues in an office, there is no telling whether it was properly cleaned or not unless you are willing to clean it again by yourself to be sure.

What about the disposable cutlery? These work, and you can dispose of them after using them. But, if you are an eco-friendly user or even care slightly about the environment, then disposable plastic cutlery is out of the question.

This is where Cliffset comes in. It is a set of personal cutlery packed in a portable case that looks a little like a case for spectacles. With the Covid-19 pandemic changing the way we live, having a set of personal cutlery with you could be an excellent alternative for sharing the office, picnic, or restaurant cutlery.

But Cliffset is not the only eco-friendly piece of cutlery in the market. In fact, online sites like Amazon and Etsy, among others, have numerous options for eco-friendly and portable cutlery sets. Here’s what sets Cliffset apart:

  • The set comes with a contoured scraping tool for cleaning leftover foods from the forks’ tines. Its edges have a straight and curvy design that perfectly fits the spoon and knife for proper cleaning.
  • The scraping tool also has a refillable tank for cleaning liquid. Using its spraying design, you can always spray-clean your cutlery using a no-rinse solution after eating for clean, safe-keeping.
  • The cleaning tool features no bristle, no brush, and no textured scrubbing surfaces that trap food particles. This ensures that the cleaning tool also stays clean.
  • The cutlery is made from food-safe 18/8 stainless steel with powder-coated handles.
  • All the cutlery is dishwasher safe.
  • The case is also machine-wash safe for easy and secure cleaning.

Apart from the compact size and portability, Cliffset handles come in various colors, allowing one to pick a color that suits their style. You can choose from the Point Reyes Yellow, ocean beach orange, Stinson Silver, Bolinas Black, or the Granada Green colors.

The cutlery is also sturdy with ergonomic handles so that you can bid flimsy eating with plastic cutlery goodbye. Perhaps the biggest pro of Cliffset is the cleaning features- using the scraping tool with a compartment for the cleaning liquid and a spraying design. Most stainless steel portable cutlery we have seen, like Bewbow and Topbooc, does not include this.

Unfortunately, 18/8 stainless steel is not the most durable form of stainless steel. It’s more affordable but is also susceptible to corrosion compared to other forms of stainless steel like 304 grade.

Does Cliffset sound like a product you want to back? If you are willing to wait until December 2020, when shipping is expected to start, and are ready to overlook the other available alternatives, you can.

However, the crowdfunding project has less than two weeks on Kickstarter. The early bird pricing is $29.00 for one Cliffset, which saves you about 35% off the retail price of $45.00. The Kickstarter price is $36.00, which has a 20% discount off the retail price.

About Cliffset Team

Cliffset is a San Francisco company founded by Cameron Drake in 2019 to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly eating solutions. The idea of Cliffset was born from Drake’s experience of living in a ship and watching all the pollution and the need for better plastic alternatives for cutlery. He is also the co-founder of Good Use, a San Francisco juicing company that uses odd-size, surplus, or misshapen fruits that would otherwise be wasted. The team comprises eight more individuals who focus on the product and brand design and content creation.