Portable Light and Speaker for Your Outdoor Activities

Light Speaker, Transparent’s life-changing gadget, is crowdfunding on Kickstarter. For starters, this is a Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a lantern.

It is the perfect combination for campers, travelers, or anyone who wants to stay up late in the night with some soft light and background music of their favorite artist. And if you love to keep things traditional, this device’s vintage style will help you achieve just that.

About Light Speaker

As a Bluetooth speaker, Light Speaker features a rich, loud, and omnidirectional bass sound while still delivering high notes and stable mid-tones. It delivers the richness of the artist’s voice in its most authentic and most real form.

It uses the latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology that includes a True Wireless dual speaker. This allows you to connect two Light Speakers to form a stereo and double the sound.

As a light lamp, this device has a warm and soft light ideal for all sorts of intimate experiences- from enjoying spa-like moments at the comfort of your bathroom to lighting up your campfire moments.

It is quite easy to operate, with two separate knobs for sound and light. You can vary the lightness from a dark glowing ember to candlelight and natural brightness. For easy portability, the Light Speaker has a handle and weighs only 0.6kgs. The handle has a modular design that allows you to attach or detach it with side screws. The Light Speaker also has a long-running battery, up to 10 hours for long hours of usage when traveling.

Below is a full overview of Light Speaker specs

Light Speaker Tech Specs
Image @ Transparent, Kickstarter

Is The Project Worth Backing?

So, should you back the project? That depends on whether its features, price, and delivery dates suit you. You can also compare it to other brands in the market with a similar product to better overview your benefits from backing the project.

Apart from the portability and versatility in usage, one of the biggest pros of this device is the upgrading possibility. This means that the Light Speaker’s modular design allows you to repair or upgrade the device as technology changes rather than throwing it away. If you are an eco-user, this helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

However, Transparent is not the first company to unveil this technology, merging a lantern with Bluetooth speakers. With an early bird price of $230.00 on Kickstarter and a retail price of $370.00, you can save more than the $140.00 discount Transparent is offering. You also do not have to wait until April 2021 for the product to be shipped.

However, other brands in the market are readily available and come at a more affordable retail price. For example, Pohopa is available on Amazon with a good review track and a retail price of $169.98. You get 2 packs of waterproof wireless stereo speakers at that price, have a lantern feature with LED lights, and a long running rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 hours on a full charge.

And that’s one of the high-end models available on Amazon. Other brands, like Gimisonic, Ablily & Ganbana, and TikiTunes, cost less than $100.00. And, if you are looking for something with a more vintage style, this Westinghouse lantern with solar and cable charging speaker and an LED candle for light could do the trick.

About The Team

Transparent is a Swedish based company that makes Timeless & Modular electronics with lifetime upgradable options. The company was founded in 2013 by Per & Martin through crowdfunded projects on Kickstarter. Since then, it has released several models of speakers.