Pro1X: New Smartphone with Physical Keyboard

Although the smartphone world is filled with smart gadgets to choose from, new players are always finding ways into the market. And most manage to penetrate the market and have an impact, hence the decreasing market share of market giants like iPhone.

FX Technology is the latest entrant in the market with its Pro1X phone and the latest predecessor, the Pro1X smartphone. Do you remember those old days when some phones had a detachable keyboard? Pro1X smartphone offers this plus the touch screen feature that we have all come to get used to.

The company has already started turning the prototype into the final product. However, shipping the final product is dependent on the crowdfunding project.

If you back the project, here’s what the phone will offer:

  • It features Lineage, Ubuntu, and Android OS systems, allowing you to choose your preferred operating system. This gives you massive control over the phone- from the privacy settings to its powerful productivity of an Android platform.
  • It has a modern touchscreen plus a full landscape-designed keyboard to offer one the best of both worlds.
  • Has 8GB RAM and a storage capacity of 256GB
  • Its Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU has quick charging technology.
  • It has a 5.99-inch dual-curved AMOLED display that is also protected by a corning Gorilla glass.
  • It has a dual sim card tray for nano sim cards, allowing you to have both your work and personal lines in one phone.
  • A split-screen function for multitasking also gives you the ability to open two apps simultaneously.
  • 2160 x 1080 pixels resolution
  • 12MP + 5MP dual camera
  • Fingerprint scanner

Additionally, the phone has several keyboard options at your disposal, Qwerty, Qwertz, Scandinavian, with the option of Azerty layout on the way.

A few of the pre-early bird offers for the 256GB Pro1X are still available on Indiegogo at $679.00, 24% off the retail price of $899.00. The early bird for the 128GB one is $649.00, 21% off the retails price of 829.00, while the 256GB one is $719.00, a 20% discount off.

Some phone producers have brought back the physical keyboard in smartphones, with brands like Samsung and Blackberry leading the pack. However, some of these brands have more affordable prices than the FX Pro1X Indiegogo prices or retails prices. Blackberry, for example, has Blackberry PRIV at $499.98 on Amazon.

The Team

FX Technology Limited is a London based smartphone company created in 2018 that focuses on phones and other technological products. The company develops products that enhance a user’s experience and improve their productivity to help achieve more technology results. Fx’s Technology’s first smartphone, Pro1, was self-funded with successful sales.