Project SOAPBOTTLE Introduces a New & Innovative Personal Care Product

Image @Project S O A P B O T T L E, Kickstarter

Are you a sustainable user?

Reducing one’s carbon footprint is increasingly becoming a worldwide concern. For sustainable users, it is more about reducing the number of plastic materials they dump in landfills but also using items that are sourced or manufactured sustainably.

The good news is that many manufacturers are trying to keep up with the trend, and when it comes to personal care, there are many options for sustainable uses. Manufactures, both household names, and startups, and coming up with products that use eco-friendly materials, from recyclable to biodegradable and sustainable production methods.

SOAPBOTTLE, a project that is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, is adding a sustainable product in the world of cosmetics. Their concept is a liquid soap packaging made from soap.

Once you are done using the liquid body wash soap inside the container, you can then use the packaging as a hand soap. With time, it washes away, like every soap does, ensuring you do not throw away any plastic or glass packaging once you deplete your soap. Alternatively, you can process the packaging and use it as washing powder.

This might sound like a new innovation, maybe in the personal care industry. But this is something we have seen before in the food industry, with some water and ice cream’s having edible packaging.

Apart from the sustainable packaging, the content itself is made from natural ingredients. Second, the packaging uses a reusable stainless steel metal clip for closing the bottle once you open it. Third, all the ingredients, for the soap and the packaging are biodegradable and decomposes entirely in the sewer in a matter of days. Forth, the paper label on the packaging is made from sustainably sourced paper that’s recycled and printed using eco-friendly colors. Also, the products are not tested on animals.

There are three products to choose from so far, Ever Green, Light Blue, and Spicy Orange.

While the company is only launching the body wash line, its hope is to grow in the future and provide other lines of cosmetic products like shower gels and shampoo as well as introduce more shapes, scents, and colors for its current product line.

How does it work, if you are interested in backing the project? You have a few more details to back the project on Kickstarter. With just $12.00 you can back the project without buying any of the products. But if you want a SOAPBOTTLE, you can pledge $24.00 for one SOAPBOTTLE OF 100ml and a SOAPBBOTTLE book. At only $47.00 you can get the three SOAPBOTLES with their metal closures and a sustainable ribbon. Shipping is scheduled for May 2022, if you are willing to wait.

About the Team

Project SOAPBOTTLE is an Amsterdam-based company that was founded by Jonna Breitenhuber. The packaging designer came up with the idea when studying for her master’s degree in 2019. Since then, the concept has grown and won various awards for its design and sustainability ideas. The rest of the team comprises a project manager, business developer, and PR & brand communications specialist.