Purrini Releases The Versatile Playmate Toy For Pets

Purrini Playmate
Image@ Purrini, Indiegogo

Purrini’s pet toy has great promise for both pets and their owners. It is dubbed the world’s first modular pet house that will never get boring for pets. Does it satisfy this? For its promised versatility, it doesn’t seem to disappoint. 

Purrini™ PlayMate is more than a toy. It also doubles as a pet house. It comes in several pieces that you can assemble in whatever way your creativity deems fit. This lets you make a playhouse for pets in numerous designs anytime you feel like spicing things a little. Unfortunately, with most pet toys, you cannot change the design. And so, many pets get bored within a few days or weeks, and you have to buy another toy. 

Changing the design of the PlayMate, from a castle and a treehouse to a playground, cottage, and anything in between you can think of, ensures you do not have to buy a new toy when your pet is bored. It also gives you ample time to bond with your pet and other family members as you try to build a playhouse.   

Apart from serving as a toy and a playhouse, the Purrini™ PlayMate can also be a storage bin for your pet’s toys and other items. 

Is it durable? Purrini has made the PlayMate using anti-scratch material. Cats scratch everything they lay their paws on, so the PlayMate’s anti-scratch feature will help ensure it can withstand such scratches. In addition, it uses water-resistant fabric to ensure accidental spills do not spoil your pet’s play area. 

Other notable features include:

  • Lightweight material for ease of portability 
  • Made from eco-friendly materials 
  • Sturdy frame to withstand your pet’s activity 

The PlayMate comes in four different sets; the paradise set, the cabin set, the villa set, and the castle set. You can pre-order a Purrini™ PlayMate set through its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The prices vary depending on the type of set you want. For instance, the cabin is the most affordable with an early bird price of $98.00, 24% off the retail price of $129.00. The paradise set is the largest and has an early bird price of $378.00, 24% off the retail price of $499.00.

Purrini is a US-based startup that focuses on making fun toys that your pets find engaging and fulfilling.