Reviiv Launches Knee Plus For Targeted Knee Pain Treatment

Reviiv Knee Plus

Knee pain is a pretty common complaint among people of all ages. In fact, according to studies, about 25% of adults complain of knee pain. It could arise either from injuries or illnesses. Luckily, several treatment methods are addressing this, and targeted treatment is one of them.  

Target treatment is not a new phenomenon. There are numerous gadgets in the markets that use targeted treatments for various body areas, including the knees. While most pain-relieving devices in the market use LED light therapy, Knee Plus uses this and lasers. Knee Plus creators claim that this combination is more effective than what is already in the market. 

With such a combination, Knee Plus produces optimal wavelengths in just one session. It also claims that the combination helps in providing both surface-level penetrative therapy on the internal tissues and joints. 

Knee Plus is an easy-to-use device. First, it is a hands-free wearable device with no power cables to tangle with. It uses a rechargeable battery with a magnetic charging dock. The battery is fast-charging, getting to a full capacity in an hour. It is also long-running, where a single full charge can last you up to 4 sessions. 

Second, you can use it on your own without the help of a medical practitioner. It uses a magnetic band for easier connection. This also ensures that it closes securely when you wear it. It is lightweight, compact, and portable, allowing you to bring it with you to the office, gym, or when traveling. 

Most importantly, it is a smart gadget with a free smartphone app. You can use the app to keep track of your sessions, get reminders of your next session, and access exercise and meditation content. 

Apart from relieving knee pain, Knee Plus also promises to help in:

  • Reducing inflammation 
  • Supporting the regrowth of cartilage and blood vessels
  • Supporting the healing process

Do you want one? You can pre-order through the Knee Plus crowdfunding page on Indiegogo. The flash sale and Super Early Bird prices are still up at $229.00 and $249.00, respectively. These will provide you with a 54% or 50% discount off the set retail price of $499.00.

About the Team 

Reviiv Light is a startup based in the US that specializes in light therapy. The team comprises scientists, physiotherapists, product designers, and medical professionals.