Sandbox Smart Releases An Upgraded Home Coffee Roaster Machine, R2

Sandbox Smart R2 Coffee Roaster

While roasting coffee with a commercial roaster is not viable for homeowners, the latest technology of home kitchen gadgets has not left coffee lovers behind. Of course, coffee makers and Nespresso machines are not the only options for those wanting to have a cafe-like experience in the comfort of their homes. Now, one can roast their coffee beans right at home, thanks to home coffee roaster gadgets. 

Speaking of which, Taiwan-based Sandbox Smart is launching a new home coffee roaster, Sandbox Smart R2. It is an upgrade of its current Sandbox Smart R1 home coffee roaster machine and has won the Red Dot Design Award.

So, what does it offer? 

It is a large-capacity coffee maker with a maximum capacity of 550g (19.5 oz), big enough to allow you to roast enough beans for a week to a month, depending on your usage. In addition to its added capacity, its quartz heating tube and removable drum allow for even heating. This, coupled with the adjustable temperatures, drum and fan speed, and roasting duration during each stage, will enable one to customize the flavor and aromas of their roasted coffee beans. 

The R2 is a quiet home roaster with about 65dB, low enough for one to enjoy their quiet time as the machine gets to work. It also includes a smoke extractor, F1, that helps in reducing the level of smoke. 

Need to see the color changes of your roasting beans? The R2 design comes with a glass viewing window at the bottom, allowing watching as your coffee beans change color during the process. While seeing the process itself is comforting, it will also help users keep a keen eye to ensure the darkening isn’t more or less of what they desire. 

On safety features, Sandbox Smart has upgraded the R2’s materials and design for better insulation. This helps ensure it doesn’t overheat and keeps its surface cool, lowering the chances of accidental burns. 

The ease of usage and clean-up often comes to mind when dealing with kitchen gadgets. R2 doesn’t seem to disappoint on either front. First, it has an inlet door and an output latch for ease of pouring and releasing the beans into the roaster. Second, it is incorporated with a collector tray that ensures the chaff from the beans doesn’t get blown all over your kitchen. 

Third, the collector tray comes with a handle for comfortable pulling out of the roaster and carrying it to your garbage bin. R2 is a smart gadget that is app-controlled. One can customize their coffee flavors with its default recipes and the ability to create your own. You can also share your coffee preferences with loved ones, allowing you to borrow ideas from each other. 

Its crowdfunding campaign is still running on Kickstarter, with a few weeks left. However, it offers discounts for various packages off the set retail prices, with delivery expected to start in May 2022.