SeatZac is the First Self Inflatable Chair

Image @SeatZac, Indiegogo

October 2020; Purmerend, Netherlands: the world of chairs is about to change with this self-inflatable chair from SeatZac Original.

Air loungers have gained traction over the years, with many outdoor people trying to get at least one for their travel escapades. You can now use an air lounger in your seating room, by the poolside, take it to the beach or camping.

Air loungers provide a comfortable seating environment without dealing with the weight of carrying metallic or wooden chairs. In fact, these inflatable chairs can easily fit in a carry-on bag once deflated.

One of the major problems, though, is the inflation part. Do you prefer to carry an air pump with you at all times, or are you comfortable spending time blowing air into an inflatable chair? With this concern in mind, SeatZac got to work.

The result of this is the self-inflatable air lounger. It self-inflates using SeatZac’s patented Mr. Ezy, an air pump that’s integrated into the air lounger for fast and stress-free inflation.

With the promise of quick inflation, less than 60 seconds, it might be too hard to say no to this inflatable chair. However, below are other features of SeatZac that can help you decide:

  • Durability – it’s made of ABS plastic, which is considered to be more durable and easy to recycle compared to PVC plastic. The material is also tear-resistant and easy to clean, using water and soap.
  • Lightweight – it’s quite lightweight, weighing only 920g. This, coupled with the folding design and the included carrying bag, makes it easier to take it around with you whenever you need a lounge chair to chill.
  • Rechargeable power bank – the inbuilt air compressor, Mr. Ezy, comes with a 2600 mAh lithium power bank. A full-powered power bank can manage to inflate the SeatZac at least 20 to 25 times. Better still, you can use it to recharge your gadgets, like your phone. The charging indicator has two lights, red and green, indicates whether the battery is 0-99% charged or 100% charged.
  • Water-resistant – so you can clean it with water or let it sit by the poolside without worrying about damaging the chair.
  • Curve design – its ergonomic curve designs offer great support and comfortable positions for the back and neck when sitting.
  • Stable – anti-rollover design for the stability of any resting surface

SeatZac comes in two models, the E-ZY lounger or gaming chair with elongated back support (pack B) and the E-ZY lounger with lower back support (pack A). The gaming chair measures 200×75 cm when deflated and 135x77x75 cm when inflated. The E-ZY chair measures 175×70 cm when deflated and 110x75x58 cm when inflated.

Apart from its captivating features, SeatZac comes in several colors to pick from. The available colors are cherry red, sky blue, candy pink, and classic black.

While the early bird sale is already sold out, there is a week or so left for you to back the product if interested. It’s currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo with an IGG special where the gaming chair is going for €51.00 ($60.00), and the E-ZY chair is selling at €48.00 ($57.00). The expected retail price for both chairs is €75.00 ($88.00) and €69.00 ($81.00).

The Crowdfunding campaign has raised €41,113.00 ($48,717.00) against the fixed goal of €15,000.00 ($17,677.00) with 751 backers.

While the light kit that illuminates the colorful SeatZac’s are a delight to use, it’s an add-on that will you cost an extra €14.00 ($16.5). Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until December 2020, when worldwide shipping is expected to start.

Should You Back The Project?

If you don’t mind waiting until December 2020 and the seemingly high price tag, you can back the project. However, SeatZac is not the first self-inflating air lounger. There are other air loungers in the market with lower price tags and have self-inflating features.

For example, AlphaBeing inflatable lounger is currently going for $31.99 on Amazon and has more features, like a bottle holder and a bottle opener. CleverMade inflatable lounger is also more affordable at $28.99, features storage compartments, and ground stakes for holding it in place on the ground.

About The Team

SeatZac is a Netherlands-based company, born out of frustration and the hope of giving users mobile but comfy seating solutions. The idea has grown into feasible air loungers that you can use anywhere – from your rooftop to your terrace and by the beach when you travel.