SevenThirteenBooks Unveils New Mismatched Alleyman’s Tarot Deck

May 2021, Denver, CO; SevenThirteenBooks unveils a new deck of Tarot Cards

For the lovers of the Tarot reading deck of cards, SevenThirteenBooks is launching a whole new experience. Instead of the usual 78 decks, this new deck will have 137 cards, and so much more. 

The deck is not available in the market. However, you can back the crowdfunding project on Kickstarter, sit back, and wait for your new deck in September 2021 when shipping will begin.   

About the Deck 

It comes with a total of 133 Tarot cards with a mismatch of cards made from other licensed and a selection of other cards made by SevenThirteenBooks and other artists. The 133 cards include:

  • 9 Deaths
  • 2 Devils
  • 2 Suns
  • Towers series of 3 cards – it has the Horizon, the Tower, and House of God
  • Non-traditional cards, including the Fountain, 3 of Books, among others 

While these cards are unique with an original card back, the size is a standard 2.75″x4.75″. The edges of the cards are lined with gilding, foil, or both. The colors are also different, adding more flair to the uniqueness. 

The cards are packed in a box designed like a matchbox with a sliding-out drawer for the deck. The packaging box is spacious enough to offer extra space for additional cards if you want to boost your deck. 

Speaking of additional cards, there are additional booster packs with different card types. For instance, Booster pack #1 has 15 extra cards from new decks and artists. Boost pack #5 has 15 black cards, allowing you to play around with your creativity and draw or paint the cards as you wish. 

Once you back the project, your pack of Tarot cards will come with an accompaniment of the Alleyman’s Tarot Card guide. The guide is designed like a notebook. In fact, it has the same look as the notebook Alleyman used, with the filling and stains. It is 5″x8″ in size with a spiral binding and colored interiors. 

You can use this to read and interpret the cards like a pro. The front side of the notebook contains a table of content for helping you to read the cards faster. You can use the extra reading spreads and the notes inside the guide for better usage of the deck. 

While some rewards are already sold out, there are several available options if you are ready to back the project. For $45.00, you can get the Alleyman’s Tarot deck and the guide. For an extra $20.00, that’s $65.00, you can get a signed copy of the Tarot deck with the guide. The Alley’s Trove, which includes what’s available in the previous options plus all the booster packs, Tarot Cloth, wooden box, poker chip, and a satin bag will cost you $87.00.

About the Team

SevenThriteenBooks is based in Denver. It is owned and run by Deven Dane Asmund, who has experience working in haunted houses. They have self-published dozens of books, poetry, oracle dice, Tarot decks, video games, and card games.