Taito Launches The First Belgian-Made Grownup E-Scooter

Taito Launches The First Belgian-Made Grownup E-Scooter
Image @Taito, Indiegogo

Electric scooters for adults are not new in the market. While they are not as secure or smooth as other two-wheeled transport options, they can be an excellent option in certain areas. 

That’s why Taito, the Belgian-based startup, is launching what it promises to be a better and more satisfactory e-scooter for adults. Instead of two wheels, as is common with most scooters, Taito has three, plus a broader bamboo base for more stability. 

More importantly, its patent-pending floating platform design and suspension system allow for comfy and safe riding on rough roads, including ones with potholes and cobblestones. You can also cut through corners without having to worry about toppling over. 

Its handlebars are integrated with LED lights and indicators for better visibility. In addition, you can also stay visible when riding at night or in bad weather, thanks to the added absolute lifesaver. 

Taito e-scooter is also integrated with a quad lock system for mounting your phone on the handlebars. It allows for wireless charging as well as access and control of your mobile phone. It makes it easier to keep track of your range, speed, and others using Taito’s app. Additionally, the app comes in handy for your e-scooters security. You can lock, unlock and even track the scooter with GPS from the app. It also sends notifications if anyone tries to move it. 

Still on security, Taito includes a tubular frame with multiple closed loops. These enable you to secure the scooter with a bike’s lock. 

Taito comes in four color combinations, allowing customization to suit your tastes and preferences. You can get one in Space Grey, Matte Olive Grey, Matte Black, or Emerald Green. The paddleboard includes two color choices, natural or black bamboo. Additionally, Taito allows for further personalization of the paddleboard with engraved wordings of your choice.  

Other impressive and notable features of the scooter include:

  • A built-in horn
  • IP55 waterproofing
  • Lightweight — weighs 16kgs
  • 30kms range 

Pre-orders for Taito are still available through its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo at €1,750.00. That’s a 7% discount off its retail price of €1,895.00.

About the team

Taito was founded in Belgium in 2020 by a trio with extensive experience in engineering, product design, and finance. Its e-scooter is the first Belgian-made e-scooter on the market.