Terraplanter – The Newest Way to Grow Plants

The terraplanter set out to change the way we look at plants. It claims that even those that usually kill plants can grow big, beautiful plants in their homes.

To date, on Indiegogo, more than 55,760 people have backed the invention, raising almost $6.5 million.

What is terraplanter?

Unlike traditional planting, which requires seeds, soil, a pot, and water, the terraplanter requires only a plant (seeds, plant spores, plant roots, or climbing plants) and water.

The terraplanter grows plants ‘inside out,’ where you can see the growth from the start. It’s like watching moss grow on a fence, or vines grow up a tree. The terraplanter mimics the natural ecosystem plants need to thrive.

The planter itself consists of a porous ceramic that stores water, allowing the plant’s roots to drink water as needed, while the planter stores the water in its cells. Users don’t have to worry about watering the plant, and can just enjoy its beauty as it grows with continual air and water access.

On average, the terraplanter’s water lasts for 5 – 15 days, depending on the rate of evaporation and perspiration, which varies based on the temperature and humidity in the area.

The terraplanter doesn’t come with seeds, but the company does plan to send backers a list of recommended seeds, plants, and other options with the product, which is set to ship out in January 2021.

The people behind terraplanter

Terraplanter was created by a team of experts that each of which brings different expertise to the table. Eran Zahri is the product designer with a passion for plants and design expertise. He put his passion and expertise to work designing the planter over many years.

Elad Burko, the CEO of Paperwallet, which started as a crowdfunding campaign that brought 10,000 backers and just about $345,000 and now has an ecommerce store selling eco-friendly wallets worldwide, brings his entrepreneurship experience and passion for the environment to the team. Finally, Roy Burko served as the ‘plant killer’ and test subject for the terraplanter.

How does terraplanter work?

Terraplanter was created for two types of people – those with an urban or modern flair for design and those that just can’t keep plants alive.

The terraplanter team created an easy-to-use product that’s as simple as wiping seeds across the surface, wrapping the vine of a climbing plant, securing plants’ roots with rubber bands, or rubbing plant spores on the surface.

After filling the eco-friendly ceramic vessel with water, you sit back and watch the plant grow. Hobbyists, expert planters, and new planters all enjoy the planter’s design.

Pros and cons of the terraplanter


  • It’s a unique way to grow plants and see the ecosystem thrive before you
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Requires little care/maintenance
  • Works great for experts and beginners alike


  • You still need to watch water levels, just not as often
  • It could take weeks or even months to see growth
  • You won’t receive your product until next year

Should you invest in terraplanter?

Is terraplanter the only option available today? It’s not – there are other eco-friendly options, but none quite like terraplanter.

The Sky Planter, for example, not only frees up floor and counter space but uses recycled factory floor material to create the pots. Made with a Slo-Flo watering system, plants get water for up to two weeks at a time.

The Florafelt Pocket Panel Living Wall System is a modern wall planting system made from recycled water bottles. It includes root wraps and you can hook it up to an automatic irrigation system to save time and energy watering.

If you want an eco-friendly vessel that waters for you, and lets you revel in the wonder of our eco-system, though, the terraplanter is a great choice. If you loved the Chia Pet, as a kid or even as an adult, the terraplanter provides the eco-friendly version with endless growing options and the chance to recycle and reuse it.