The Amp Light is Built Specifically For Webcams

Image at @Kickstarter

As working from home gains more traction, one thing is clear; we could all use better lighting for our webcams. Can you imagine your face looking more lit than it is during a Monday morning conference call? Good looks will get you the confidence boost you deserve to beat the Monday blues. But how does that work?

The Amp Light is a mountable gadget that provides lighting for a webcam, giving one’s face the illumination required for professional lighting. If your job involves vlogging, video conferencing, this compact and lightweight gadget might be a good supplement for the larger lighting solutions like studio lights. It can also be used for lighting when steaming movies.

The Amp light is already crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with 1,967 people already backing it. Out of the $20,000.00 goal, there’s already $318,570 pledged and about two weeks left to end the crowdfunding stage.

Super early bird pledges are still ongoing with a few more gadgets left for this offer, at $99, saving you $40. With the Kickstarter discount, you can get one Amp light at $129 and it will save you $10.

Product Features

  • It has an ultrasoft and slim edge design, making it small and compact for portability.
  • It has a long-running in-built battery that offers 14 hours of service on a full charge.
  • Has 80 adjustable LED bi-colors to choose from, from a 2700K warm amber light to a 6500K daylight white light.
  • Four easy to access buttons for easy light adjustment.
  • Comes with a compact mounting base.
  • It has a cleaner mounting system with no suction, screws, clamps, or clips. The mounting monitor has a desktop base, a long and sturdy neck with a magnetic field that connects directly to the gadget. This also makes it easy to rotate the device to any direction for lighting without moving the whole mounting system.
  • Is mountable on any surface, including desktops, laptops.
  • The mount monitor has an in-built cable management system so you can always keep a clean working space when charging the Amp light.
  • Has a small and compact sized desk stand, standing at only 1.2-inches in height, for portability and taking up less working space. It has a slim base and a soft rubber grip pad, ensuring it stays sturdy on any surface.

Pros and Cons

While the Amp’s light is brighter than most studio lights in the market, the light is soft and indirect for protecting the eyes against bright lights. There is also an array of lighting options, making it easy to match the level of light to your environment.

Unfortunately, you will have to purchase a camera ball mount as an add-on if you want to mount the Amp light to your camera equipment. This will cost you an extra $19.

Also, shipping is expected to start in March 2021. This makes it an impossible purchase for anyone in a rush to own this.

Are there other options in the market? Yes. The Lume Cube video conferencing lighting kit, for example, is already available on Amazon and at an affordable price. Other options to consider include the Moman and the Viltrox video lighting gadgets.

About The Team

Fuse Reel company, an Utah, USA-based company, is the team behind the Amp light. It’s a tech company that focuses on creating high-quality tech products that maximize your everyday usage of tech products.

“At FUSE, we don’t want to create just another pretty product to throw into your already cluttered life. But we focus on creating original, high-quality tools that maximize your tech experience. For people like you – our mission is to ease your life with innovative TOOLS FOR TECH.”

Logan Bailey, Founder, FUSE REEL LLC

The company started in a university house basement with a $200 3-D printer. Since then, the founders worked on over 50 prototypes before releasing their first tech product, the Side Winder, a MacBook cable holder. The project was crowdfunded on Kickstarter, raising $300,000.

Is The Amp Light Worth Backing?

First, if you do not mind waiting until 2021, you can consider backing it when the shipping begins. Additionally, the company has carried other crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter, all successful and with products already available for sale.