The Eco-Friendly All Day Bebebark Bag

Image @Kickstarter

The prospect of a bag that suits one’s 24/7 needs is most often a desired fashion item that many, if not all women, want in their wardrobe. Think of it as the little black dress that you always count on. The Bebebark bag could be that little black dress, but for your handbags.

Bebebark bag is an eco-friendly backpack made from sustainably sourced premium cork bark. It’s a lightweight material, but it’s also durable and resistant. The inner lining is made from cotton. Perisian style makes it a go-to bag for any woman and any outfit you’re wearing. It easily adjusts to your style and life needs, allowing you to use it in the day and converting it to a night bag.

The bag has adjustable and removable straps, which makes it quite versatile. It’s not just a backpack that transformers into a shoulder bag, but also as a clutch and crossbody bag. You can also have a full view of what’s in your bag, thanks to the brass clasp that opens at 180-degrees.

Another exciting feature of the bag is the organization system that gives you multiple storage locations. One of the bag’s outer sides has a hidden zipper that offers you secure storage for your phone or other small valuables and easy access. The inner side has dividers and multiple pockets (11 in total) for your items’ better organization.

It’s also interesting that the inner lining is made of colorful orange material that makes it quite easy to locate any item.

The Bebebark bag is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, raising $884,377.00 against the fixed goal of $15,000.00. There are over 4,300 backers and almost two weeks to the end of the campaign.

If this bag piques your interest, you might have missed the super early bird sale on Kickstarter, but the early bird sale is still on at $189.00. This saves you $70.00 of the marked retail price, $260.00.

About the Team

Bebebark bag is a product of Natacha and Elie of the LaFlore, a Paris based design company. Natacha joined her father to produce chic, modern, and elegant products that use sustainable and eco-friendly products. This led to the Bobobark brand, which has Bobobark bag and the Bebebark bag that’s currently crowdfunding.

Should You Back Bebebark Bag?

If you are looking for a bag that suits the day and night lifestyle, Bebebark could be that reliable transformative bag. It has many storage spaces, a fancy design, and colors that match with your everyday outfits. The team has also had a successful crowdfunding project in the past, the Bobobark bag, that raised over $1,300,000.00.

If, however, you are not patient enough to wait for the estimated shipments in February 2021, there are many other choices on Etsy and Amazon you can count on, possibly at lower prices than the Bebebarks retail and early bird prices.