The Légende Tripod and Backpack Launch

Gizo Légende Tripod and Backpack
Inage @ Gizo, Indiegogo

March 2021: Gitzo launches the Légende backpack and Tripod set for creatives. 

One of the biggest investments creatives make is the money they spend on their gadgets, from the cameras to the lenses, headphones, and tripods. This created a need for robust and safe carrying bags, be it a suitcase or a backpack, that allows one to safely carry their expensive equipment without worrying too much about any damages when bumped into.

There are many brands that are offering such bags, especially backpacks. With this, you can backpack across any terrain with your gadgets safely stored in your backpack. These are available not just from renowned brands, like Gitzo.

What sets its latest product apart is that you do not get just a backpack for your gadgets but a tripod as well. With the early bird price on Indiegogo of $519.00, 35% off the retail price of 799.00, you can bag yourself the Gitzo Légende tripod traveler kit. For the Gitzo Légende backpack alone, it is available with an early price of $179.00, a 21% discount off its retail price of 229.00. Alternatively, you can opt for the two together at $679.00 at a discount of 33% off its retail price of 1,028.00.

Since the crowdfunding campaign is still ongoing, here are all the details you need to know for the two products if you are considering backing the project:

About the Gitzo Légende Tripod Traveler Kit

For starters, you can use this tripod on almost every camera in the market. It uses a universal Arca-Swiss plate with a quick release that’s compatible with most cameras. It is also lightweight, thanks to its carbon eXact tubing, but sturdy and stable to firmly support your camera.

The tripod comes with a comfortable and durable custom-designed leather carry strap. It is made from cruelty-free and Eco-friendly leather, making it ideal for sustainable users.

Other features include:

  • Made from 100% recyclable materials
  • It is forever repairable, reducing your carbon footprint
  • 70% of parts are replaceable
  • Unlimited warranty

About the Gitzo Légende Backpack

The Gitzo Légende backpack is made specifically for traveling creatives. 65% of its materials are recycled and Eco-friendly leather. It includes a stow with quick release hook fasteners for your tripod for fast access.

There is a side compartment for your camera. It is a bit hidden for security but also easy to access when you need to take a quick picture. For your laptop, there is a shielded RFID pocket that protects your data from skimmers.

Other features are:

  • Fidlock fasteners for quick release & fastening
  • Secure side pocket for small valuables
  • Breathable leather material
  • Abrasion-resistant material

The shipping is scheduled for June 2021, if you do not mind waiting. There are other available products in the market, readily available, even at an affordable price. Peak Design, for example, has travel tripods and a variety of travel bags to choose from. Manfrotto also offers the same products.

About the Team

Gitzo, a subsidiary of The Vitec Group Inc. was founded in 1917. The company specializes in the manufacturing of photographic accessories like tripods and supports. It also produces backpacks for photography equipment. The company has a great presence in the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.