The New and Upgraded HYPHEN 2 Wireless Earbuds

Image @HYPHEN 2, Indiegogo

Rolling Square is back in the highly-priced true wireless headphones market with the HYPHEN 2 wireless earbuds 

Switzerland, September 2020 – The well of cutting-edge wireless earbuds never seems to run dry, and Rolling Square is not about to let theirs do. After the successful launch of the HYPHEN wireless earbuds in 2018, Rolling Square is back with HYPHEN 2, a truly wireless pair of earbuds with features not in its category and an affordable price tag.

With today’s growing demand for smart devices and the freedom of movement while using headsets, everyone is looking for the latest effective devices—the more advanced the battery life and sound system, the better. Rolling Square’s latest wireless device promises a pack of all these features and so much more.

With the new HYPHEN 2 wireless earbuds, that philosophy seems to hold still true. One of the features of these new earbuds is the Bluetooth 5 chipsets from Qualcomm, one of the world’s most stable Bluetooth chipsets at the moment. The earbuds also feature a tri-core processor for secure and instant connection.

Its fast-charging batteries have a long playtime of about 9 hours and 30 minutes. With 15 minutes of charge, it can last up to 6 hours and 15 minutes. The overall battery life is 36 hours.

The earbuds also offer Full Touch Control technology (FTC), where you can do more than control your music playlist. With the HYPHEN 2 touch control system, you can control your virtual assistant, reject, answer, and hang up calls.

Perhaps one of the best parts of these wireless earbuds is the variety of different ear tip sizes. Once you have the right fit, you are unstoppable- jump, run, and train with the earbuds in position throughout the session.

Its audio quality does not seem to disappoint either. One gets to enjoy high volumes, and a clear sound delivers thick bass and Advanced Passive Noise Cancelling (APNC) for effective drowning of the noises around you without draining the earbuds batteries.

The earbuds have a small battery, ensuring they also have a small size. They easily fit in the small pocket charging case, which has undergone months of testing to ensure consumers get a light and compact wireless charging case.

Another important feature is the IP55, meaning the earbuds are proofed against water and dust.

With a campaign running on Indiegogo, Rolling Square has managed to raise €349,082 out of the €20,000 fixed goal with 4,490 backers as of press time. The first worldwide shipment is estimated to start in December 2020 if you are in the market for a new pair of wireless earbuds, the HYPHEN 2.

About Rolling Square

It’s a Switzerland based company with team members from different countries in Europe. The company’s goal is to solve problems. A solved problem equals a rolling square, the team’s philosophy, and design foundations.

Based on this philosophy and product design foundation, Rolling Square has indeed released other problem-solving products, like the inCharge series of portable charging cables and TAU, the power bank.