The Proofed and Touch Screen Compatible G-Glove

Image @G-Glove Indiegogo

Protecting your hands when working out in the fields or the kitchen is paramount. The market has a wide array of working gloves, but G-Gloves is offering “complete work and kitchen” gloves. These are, among other things, waterproof, cut-proof, heatproof, and touch-friendly. What does all that mean, and are they worth backing?

So far, G-Glove has managed to raise $17,284 out of the $800 fixed goal with 486 backers on Indiegogo.

About G-GLove 

G-Glove is just that, a pair of working gloves. But, it also has cut-through features that keep your hands safe and get the work done. Below are some of the G-Glove features;

  • Heatproof – has heat proofing of 540°C (1000°F) allowing one to handle the hottest temperatures in the kitchen. It protects one when handling fire when baking or barbecuing, steam from hot liquids, or when holding a hot object like a hot cup of your favorite beverage.
  • Cut-proof – enjoy slashing veggies and other objects with sharp knives without worrying about your fingers. The material of G-Gloves is flexible, nimble, and proofed against cuts, so sharp objects like knives do not penetrate.
  • Inbuilt touch sensors – with the inbuilt touch sensor, you do not have to remove the G-Glove when operating appliances with touch functionalities or touchscreen devices like your phone or computer.

G-Gloves have a layered structure that comprises artificial leather, nylon, Aramid, HPPE fiber, and synthetic insulation. all these layered materials play a role in the overall functions of G-Gloves.

  • Artificial leather – it’s water-resistant, making it highly resistant to stains. Artificial leather is also resistant against scrapes and scratches, making it quite durable. It’s soft and easy to clean.
  • Aramid – is highly resistant to heat, organic solvents, and has low flammability. The fibers of Aramid start degrading at a temperature of about 500°C, which gives the G-Gloves its heatproof feature.
  • Nylon – it’s tough, water-resistant, easy to clean, and very tough. The nylon fibers bring all this, as well as softness, lightweight material, and resilience.
  • HPPE fiber – it’s stronger than steel by up to 15-times. Therefore, when used on G-Gloves, it offers protection against cuts and abrasions.
  • Synthetic insulation – traps and holds your body’s heat but still allows moisture to escape. Through this, it keeps your hands dry, warm, and anti-sweat proof.

Advantages and Disadvantages 

First, the G-Glove is an eco-friendly product that’s made from 100% recycled and eco-materials. The use of artificial leather also means that the product is also cruelty-free. Second, its many layers of tough material protect one’s hands from calluses, and sore spots when working for longer periods. It also keeps your hands safe when handling sharp and hot objects, not forgetting that it has an integrated touch function.

The G-Glove also comes in different sizes, so you get the perfect fitting glove. The sizes range from XS to XXL.

Disadvantages, for starters, you will have to wait until November 2020, only if you are an IGG backer. But, if you like the product but cannot manage to be a backer, you will have to wait until 2021 since the mass production is set for January 2020.

Second, the prices might be termed as a bit high, when you don’t factor the discount of buying early from Indiegogo. There are other heat and cut resistant gloves in the market at a lower price, like Seibertron, Olsa, and NoCry, just to name a few.

If you are looking for some faith from the company, well. The company had another previous campaign, for G-Mat, which ended in August 2020 having raised $17,897 from 569 backers. The first batch of the mats is expected to be delivered in early October. This could be some assurance that they mean business and a pair of waterproof and heatproof gloves that are also touch-friendly makes working indoors and outdoors more convenient and safe.