TreePod Launches Its Biggest Hangout With a Hammock and Cabana Hybrid

TreePod Canopy
Image @TreePod, Kickstarter

Cabanas and hammocks have become the ultimate recreation tools. While TreePod has successfully crowdfunded for a cabana in the past, they are taking their goal for stylish hang-out spaces a notch higher with its Treepod Canopy. 

TreePod Canopy combines a hammock and a cabana, allowing users to enjoy the most of both worlds. The crowdfunding campaign reached in target in just three hours on the Kickstarter page. So, what makes it so good?

For starters, the TreePod Canopy is a lightweight and highly portable tool. It is also easy to set up, making it an ideal relaxing tool at home or when traveling. With its design, you can relax and swing in an enclosed hammock-cabana. 

It also features five large windows all around, giving you the luxury of enjoying the scenic views of your outdoors. It is also larger than the previous hangout spaces by TreePod. This way, you can invite your loved ones over and share the space. 

Are you looking to enjoy the outdoors in summer and never have to worry about the sun’s rays? TreePod Canopy is made with UV-treated canvas, ensuring that you get optimum shade from the scorching sun rays. 

It comes in two sizes, allowing you to choose your preferred one depending on your use. However, the larger canopy of 7.5ft base is only available in 2 colors while the smaller one of 6ft base is available in 4 colors. 

You can get additional accessories, albeit at an additional cost, including:

  • Bug net 
  • Cover 
  • Mesh pocket 
  • Water bottle
  • Inflatable mattress for each canopy size 
  • Mattress inflator 
  • Drag anchor
  • Flat cases for each canopy size
  • String lights 
  • Stand 

TreePodCcanopy is available on pre-order through Kickstarter. You can grab the 6ft or the 7.5ft canopy at Early Bird prices of $275.00 and $390.00, a 39% and 35% discount of the RRP. Shipping for the Treepod Canopy is scheduled for April 2022.

About The Team

TreePod Hanging Habits is a Colorado-based recreation company. It designs and creates portable and stylish hangouts spaces. The first TreePod was successfully launched in 2015 after a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Since then, the company has expanded its models from TreePods for kids to cozy loungers and other hang-out spaces for adults.