Tropicfeel’s Shell The Modern-Day Travel Backpack

Whether you are a minimalist traveler, need a backpack for your daily travels, or you are looking for a large capacity bag for your hiking and camping activities, Tropicfeel’s new product in the market promises to have this covered.

Shell, dubbed a modern-day travel backpack crowdfunding project has less than a week to the end. The backpack’s features make it look like the go-to backpack for travelers, especially hikers and campers. Here’s what makes it that:

For starters, the bag adjusts to fit your packing needs. It has a 3-in-1 design that shifts in size between 22 liters and 40 liters. With this, you can pack light for a day’s activity or unlock a larger size for a weekend getaway. The clamshell opening design allows one to see all the packed items when the bag is open.

There are several packing pockets for the perfect organization of your items. In addition, the bag features detachable accessory pockets that allow plenty of packing space for small items without taking much space inside the bag.

There is also an expandable kangaroo pocket with up to 6-liter expansion capacity for items you need to keep separate. This kangaroo pocket also features expandable clippers for holding items like your yoga mat or portable photography stands.

The Shell is an all-weather bag, thanks to the weatherproofed material. With this, you can use it all year round, whether it is raining or not.

Perhaps the sweet perk of the product is the lifetime warranty it comes with. This covers any manufacturing defects that might affect the functionality of the bag.

Unfortunately, the detachable accessory bags are sold separately. Each of the bags, the toiletry bag, a tech pouch, and a camera cube bag will cost you an extra 30.00 Euros, so be prepared to part with 90.00 Euros for the three bags. However, the 30.00 Euro price is a discount for those backing the project where the average retail price for each is 70.00 Euros.

Both the toiletry bag and the tech pouch are detachable, so you can carry them separately or attach them to the backpack. Also, the toiletry bag and the camera pouch come with several inbuilt pockets for storing and arranging your stuff.

But it doesn’t end there:

  • There is a zipper pocket on top of the bag
  • Another one above the fidlock points
  • 2 zipped pockets below the laptop pouch
  • A padded laptop pouch that fits devices up to 17-inches
  • A secret hidden pocket at the back of the bag for storing any important items

The backside of the bag is made with foam that offers lumbar and scapular support. Additionally, it features a dual-channel airflow system that allows breathability. Regardless of our height, you can use the frontal straps with an offloading mechanism to control how low or high you need the bag to sit on your back.

And, with the hidden hip belt, you can easily transfer Shell’s weight from your shoulders to the hips. It also features adjustable sternum straps for dispersing the weight from your shoulders and ensures they do not get sore. The bag also features dual handles, allowing you to carry it using either the side handle or the top handle.

If you are an eco user, the bag’s sustainable materials are a plus. It’s made from 100% recycled nylon and 64% recycled polyester. These materials are both strong for durability and resistance for heavy and constant usage.

If you decide to back the project, it is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter with an early price of 139.00 Euros ($165.00) and 169.00 Euros ($201.00) with the wardrobe system included. The retails prices are 214.00 Euros and 249.00 Euros, simultaneously.

With the delivery estimated for March 2021, you can opt for other brands with lower prices if you are looking for something more affordable with quick delivery. The Earth Pak, Nelsen-Rigg, and Idrybag, for example, are a few of the waterproof and large capacity backpacks you can consider getting.

About Tropicfeel’s Team

Tropicfeel is an innovative gear company based in Barcelona, Spain. The company has so far run 6 crowdfunding campaigns, leading to travel gear production like sneakers and clothing for men and women. With the team behind this brand being an ardent traveler, their goal was to create sustainable travel gear products.