Updated Pavlok 3 is a Mindfull Coach for the Wrist

Image @Pavlok, Indiegogo

Breaking out of bad habits is not an easy task. Thanks to technology, there are many apps and software to help you break out of bad habits, work with a better organization schedule, or even plan your day for better results. For Pavlok, it’s all about breaking out of bad habits, like oversleeping, staying fit and healthy, among others.

The company’s new device is Pavlok 3, a wearable device that helps one stay present, aware, and mindful of your daily habits and routine. The goal is to achieve a less stressful life for healthier living.

Although Pavlok 3 is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, the devices’ production is done and ready for shipping. The crowdfunding project has raised $102,790.00 against the flexible goal of $500, with shipping expected to start in December 2020.

Pavlok 3: How it Works and Its Features

Pavlok 3 is built with the simple goal of keeping you in the present. With the below three sensory effects, you can stay mindful of your habit and behavior.

  • Vibrate – the soft and light vibrations will guide your attention gently without causing any disturbances.
  • Chime – the chiming tones and music remind you of what’s important and for celebrating your victories.
  • Snap – the snapping mode is for jolting one out of negative loops and bring you back to the present.

Features include:

  • Has multiple wearing designs; by itself, with an Apple Watch, or with a Fitbit, Android Smartwatch, or any wristwatch.
  • It uses SNAP technology (Sensory Neutral Automatic Processing) to snap users out of automatic modes and keep them aware of the present.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • It has a fast-charging battery that fully charges in about one hour.
  • It has a long-running battery with a battery life of 8 to 12 days when fully charged.
  • It’s fully waterproof.
  • Pavlok App – the app helps you to track and improve your habits automatically. For example, the wake-up app will tack your sleeping cycle.
  • Apps compatibility – it is compatible with several apps, like Apple Health, Google Fit, Rescue Time, Fitbit, Todoist, and many more.

Pros and Cons:

  • It’s good to see that the previous models and other products from the company have success. With its products available on major online retail platforms like Amazon, one can easily read the reviews from users and gauge whether the product is worth spending money on. While previous products’ success is not a guaranteed success for the upcoming product, one can use the previous success of other models to see the quality of products from the manufacturer.
  • Another advantage of Pavlok 3 is its affordable price. The 40% discount on Indiegogo allows a backer to buy the Pavlok 3 Sports Package at $89.00 instead of $150.00. Pavlok 3 Deluxe package also has a 50% discount on Indoegogo, selling at $99.00 instead of the retail price of $199.00. The retail prices are still within the range of the other previous models from the company.
  • The fairly good news is that you have to wait until December 2020, when the shipping is estimated to start.

Unfortunately, this is not the cheapest product in the market. For example, depending on the habit you are trying to break, you could try Upright Go which helps you break bad habits with your posture, and it costs about $99.95. Revibe Connect also goes for $99.95, but this is built solely for kids. Sporty Keen by Habitaware is more rounded like Pavlok and helps you break several habits, and it’s more affordable, at $149.00.

About the Team

Pavlok was founded in 2013 by Maneesh Sethi and a tech entrepreneur. In 2014, the company launched its first product, the original Pavlokthrough Crowdfunding. The campaign raised $280,000.00, propelling the success of the company. Since then, the Pavlok team has successfully released other products in the market, like Shock Clock and Shock Clock, and Pavlok 2.