Upgrade Your Urban Commute With The New Tenways eBike

Tenways eBike

eBikes have become a common feature in many urban areas. Apart from helping you reduce your carbon footprint, they are faster than the standard manual bicycles and are great for staying on top of your fitness routines. 

Meet the latest eBike invention, Tenways eBike. Unfortunately, thebike is not yet available in the market, but you can pre-order yours by backing the crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo campaign page. 

But what do you get from this eBike? Below are all the features of the Tenways eBike:

  • Smart torque sensor for seamless riding on any terrain, both steep and smooth ones 
  • Gates carbon belt – no more oiling a metallic chain or suffering from the fatigue of using a metal chain 
  • Super lightweight – the aluminum alloy frame is lighter than the average bike for smooth cycling and portability 
  • Quick charging and long-running battery – battery charges in two-and-a-half hours, lasting you up to 130 km. With this, you can last up to a week without recharging with a 10km commute.   
  • Silent hub motor – dust-proof and water-proof motor ensures it’s protected from elements and has no noise when riding. 
  • Smart App access for recording your riding time and distance
  • LCD – keep track of your distance and speed with the water and dust-proofed display screen  
  • Puncture-proof tires for excellent acceleration and control 

The bike comes in five color options, sky blue, arctic blue, lime green, midnight black, and light grey, allowing you to choose the perfect color that matches your personality. 

Additionally, you can choose the add-ons from the campaign, which ensures you have better usability. For example, with the mudguards, you can protect the inner parts of the wheel from the mud when riding on a dirt road. And, if you have any luggage to carry, like your backpack, you can use the carrier add-on to store them securely on the bike when riding. 

The bike comes with other tools, a wrench, a pump, and hex keys for fixing the bike whenever necessary. 

You also to charging options to choose from, directly from an electric socket or a power bank with the included power adapter and USB charging cable. If you are riding in the night or when there is no clear visible, you can ensure that you stay visible with the added rear light. 

With only a few days remaining until the end of the campaign, you can still back it at an early bird price of $1399.00, a 36% discount off the retail price of $ 2202.00.

Should you trust this campaign? While this is the first-ever crowdfunding campaign for Tenways, the project has already hit the funding target and still climbing in numbers. The eBike also seems to have garnered recommendations from top eBike athletes, which is an added advantage of its performance. 

However, there are other eBike options in the market to go for if you are looking for something already in the market and probably has an affordable retail price. Some options to consider are Lectrice bikes, Propella eBike, VanMoof X3, and VanMoof S3.   

About the Team

Tenways was formed in 2019 by a group of bike enthusiasts with 20 years of experience in the biking industry. The goal was to produce eco-friendly eBikes that allow you to reduce your carbon footprint. Tenways eBike is the company’s first release. For any queries, you can reach its support team via support@tenways.com