V20: The NASA Inspired Water Proof Shoes

Footcare, that is where we are at on the fashion side of things. And companies are not sleeping on the job, with many mega brands and new entrants in the market focusing on providing waterproof shoes for all year use.

The newest kid on this block is V-TEX, which focuses on more than just what’s on our feet. While the company has been in the market for decades, this is the first time it is producing weatherproofed shoes. The company is also after vegan users, where many consumers are going vegan by the day. If this sounds like a pair of shoes you would like to own, the project is crowdfunding for the V20 shoes on Indiegogo.

V20 Shoes Features

V20 shoes combine the features of boots and slippers, allowing one to enjoy the benefits of summer sandals and rain boots.

Below are all the features of V20 shoes:

  • Waterproofing for all-weather usage
  • UV resistant material
  • Moisture-wicking material to keep your feet dry and fresh all-day
  • Cold-resistant feature up to -20 degree celsius
  • Heat resistant feature up to +200 degree celsius
  • Windproofing
  • Soundproofing
  • Stain Proofing
  • Cushioned insole for extra comfort
  • Integrated deodorant with 3-times odor protection to keep your feet smelling fresh all-day
  • Stretchable feature for better fitting
  • The insole has antibacterial features and is made from breathable bamboo.
  • Lightweight

The pair have a silver-coated inner layer. The silver fibers sterilize the area around your feet, which keeps them odorless. NASA and other healthcare facilities commonly use silver fiber for their products.

You can choose the V20 Nite collection, V20 Hivvy collection, and V20 Design collection. The super early bird sale for Nite and Hivvy collection is still on, with two pairs of both going for $148.00 (€126.00), 42% off the retail price of $258.00 (€220.00). A pair of each of these collections goes for $79 (€67.00), 39% off the retail price of $129.00 (€110.00). For the Design collection, you can back it at $89.00 (€76.00), a 35% discount off the $139.00 (€118.00) retail price.

One of the cons of V20 is probably the price. If one backs the project, the price is quite affordable, though you have to wait until March 2021, when the company estimates to start shipping. On the other hand, the retail price can be presumed a little bit over the top by some individuals. If you are looking for more affordable waterproof shoes, Amazon offers quite a collection – from hiking shoes to works shoes and water sporting shoes.

While there are replaceable bamboo insole covers, these are not included in the purchase. They come as an add-on and will cost you extra money.

About the Team

V-TEX is a shoe brand that manufactures waterproof shoes. The company’s factories are based in Taiwan, while the design and sales team and offices are based in Germany, Japan, the UK, and Korea. V-TEX has been in the business for decades, producing waterproof raw materials and functional films.