YHE Technology Launches a Medical-Grade BO Smartwatch

YHE Technology Launches a Medical-Grade BO Smartwatch
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According to WHO, the number of people with hypertension has doubled since 1990 to 1.28 billion. The report also states that 700+ million people are living with untreated hypertension. This is a dangerous way to live, considering that hypertension is one of the world’s leading causes of disease and death. It increases one’s risk of kidney, heart, and brain diseases. 

So, what if there was a way to keep track of your blood pressure while at home? 

While there are numerous smartwatches that help you keep track of your fitness, blood pressure, and overall health, few of these are approved medical-grade smartwatches. However, YHE Technology is changing the dynamics in this market with its latest launch, BP Doctor Med, that’s crowdfunding on Indiegogo. 

BP Doctor Med is the first medically approved wearable smartwatch that tracks your blood pressure 24/7 and keeps tabs on your sleep and daily activities. While its CE and FDA certifications are pending, it has passed CE, and FDA Medical Recognized Consensus Standards. With such features, it is not so hard to see why the crowdfunding campaign has a surpassed its goals by 1000$+. So, what does it offer?

It comes with a dual inflatable air cuff design for monitoring one’s fluctuating blood pressure 24/7. It also provides detailed data about one’s health and activity, thanks to sleep and activity tracking capabilities. If you are looking to keep your loved ones up to date with the state of your health, you can sync your BP Doctor Med data with the available in-app and share it with them. 

Apart from this, you also get other features you’d basically get from a smartwatch, including:

  • Call alerts 
  • Push notifications 
  • Vibrating alarms 
  • Reminders 

One of the major concerns with most smartwatches is the battery life. BP Doctor Med allows you to use for extended periods, up to 7 days, on just a single charge. The battery is also fast charging, and you can get a full charge within 2 hours. It is also lightweight but ergonomic. 

The shipping date is set to begin in January 20222. However, you can still preorder a piece on its crowdfunding page at a discounted Super Early Bird price of $199.00. This is 45% off the MSRP of $359.00.  

An excellent alternative to BP Doctor Med is the Omron Heart Guide Smart Watch. However, it is pricier, heavier, and does not provide smart features like push notifications and call alerts.  

About The Team 

Yhe Technology is a Hong Kong-based company founded in 2018 with the goal of redefining wearable wellness products. BP Doctor Med is not the team’s first BP smartwatch. Last year, it successfully crowdfunded BP Doctor Pro, which became the most crowdfunded smartwatch.