Top 18 Crowdfunding Platforms For Your Projects in 2022

Top 18 Crowdfunding Platforms For Your Projects in 2022

Crowdfunding is progressively surpassing traditional funding methods as the primary source of financing. Regardless of their cause, most individuals turn to crowdfunding in lieu of other funding methods to solicit lump sums and take their projects to the next level. 

The extreme adaptability and flexibility of the crowdfunding market is yet another assurance this phenomenal wave is here to stay. Statistics show that the crowdfunding market will grow to $300 billion by 2030. The rise in the popularity of crowdfunding has also seen the number of crowdfunding platforms soar. 

With all the various forms of crowdfunding and different niches having dedicated crowdfunding platforms, you can imagine there are several crowdfunding websites. This post highlights the top crowdfunding websites and their operating structure and availability across the globe. 

Top 18 Crowdfunding Platforms For Your Projects in 2022

1. Kickstarter

Country: USA

There is no doubt Kickstarter is the most prevalent and potent crowdfunding website globally. With its headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, US, Kickstarter is open to backers and creators from anywhere in the world. 

It’s a reward-based crowdfunding website ideal for offering projects maximum visibility across the web due to its immense popularity. Several creative projects in film, video, creatives, food, and a total of 13 categories have found their footing through Kickstarter. Since Kickstarter’s launch in 2009, more than 205000 projects have been launched on the platform boasting more than $6 billion in pledges from 20 million+ backers. 

2. Crowdcube

Country: United Kingdom

Crowdcube is a British equity-based crowdfunding platform established in 2011. The website connects startups, SMEs, businesses, and entrepreneurs with investors and anyone willing to invest money in return for equity in an organization.

Crowdcube incorporates social media to inform potential investors about an offering. The platform boasts tremendous numbers, with more than three hundred organizations opting for Crowdcube to raise funds in 2017. This trend has continued to grow, considering Crowdcube’s community has over 1.2 million members.

3. Indiegogo

Country: USA

Yet another American crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, is a powerhouse for global, tech, and entrepreneurial categories. The platform is available in more than 200 countries globally, but holds a significant share of the market in America.

It has helped raise more than $2 billion from their monthly 15 million website visitors. In addition, indiegogo has an InDemand feature that allows campaigners to continue raising funds and grow the customer base even after the end of their campaign. Even better, it operates on a flexible funding method. 

4. MyCause

Country: Australia

As the name gives it away, MyCause is an Australian fundraising and crowdfunding website that connects individuals to the causes they care about. Mycause was a pioneering crowdfunding platform in Australia in 2009. The website allows campaigns for personal, charitable causes and peer-to-peer fundraising. 

My cause has raised more than $140 million from 242147 campaigns. In addition, the platform has more than 6000 charity partners. 

5. DemoHour

Country: China

DemoHour, a Chinese version of Kickstarter, was launched in 2011. It has helped raise millions of dollars to fund ideas in China. The platform is almost similar to Kickstarter’s appearance, function, and funding model. It employs an all-or-nothing funding model, whereby campaigners only receive the raised funds after hitting their funding goal. 

6. Boomerang.DK

Country: Denmark

Boomerang is a reward-based crowdfunding platform for creative entrepreneurs. With its headquarters in Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark, Boomerang is a top and preferred crowdfunding website for the Nordic countries. The platform boasts more than 10000 organizations, having received $72.5 billion in funding. 

7. Naija Fund

Country: Nigeria

Naija Fund is a donation-based crowdfunding platform that empowers the vast Nigerian population by offering tools to raise funds for any cause. Campaigners can use social media, email contacts, newspapers, and the mainstream media to create awareness for their crowdfunding campaign. 

8. Fueladream

Country: India

A top crowdfunding platform in India and other geographics, Fueladream’s utmost priority is to impact the lives of over 2 billion people. Fueladream operates as a reward-based model ideal for social causes, creative art, community-led activities, and charities. Since its launch in 2016, the platform has managed over 700 campaigns and has raised more than $8 million.  

9. Companisto

Country: Germany

As per their catchphrase that anyone can be an investor and help mold the future, Companisto is Germany’s leading equity-based crowdfunding website. It offers the perfect investment platform for startups and growth companies. Their vast investor network lends financial support to innovative and promising companies. Since its launch, Companisto has financed over 100 startups and growth companies with over $120 million in investment commitments. 

10. Ulule

Country: France

Since its launch in 2010, Ulule, a Paris-based crowdfunding platform, has helped more than 50000 projects come to reality. With a success rate of 69%, the reward-based website is also a pioneering platform for collaborative financing that caters to artists and creatives, business individuals, and interdependent projects. It’s available in 198 countries, offering the ideal opportunity to raise funds and grow a community. 

11. Uprise.Africa

Country: South Africa

Yet another African crowdfunding website, Uprise.Africa, is an equity-based platform that allows investors worldwide to invest in South African businesses in exchange for equity. They provide a feasible and accessible alternative for firms to raise money. Uprise.Africa boasts a success rate of 67%, with 11411 active investors.  

12. Lares

Country: Chile

Lares finances real estate development projects and develops the real estate income modality through an online real estate crowdfunding platform. The website is available to investors of Chilean origin above 18 years old, and in return, they get annualized returns between 7% and 12%. 

13. Startupxplore

Country: Spain

As the name gives it away, startupxplore is a premium platform that offers investment opportunities in startups projecting high growth. The Spanish-based equity crowdfunding platform has invested in more than 60 startups, raising capital of $16 million. With an astounding success rate of 89%, startupxplore offers the ideal starting ground for promising projects. Nevertheless, you ought to have a lead investor before raising funds with startupxplore. 

14. Eureeca

Country: UAE

Since its launch in 2013. Eureeca has been set up to be a top global equity crowdfunding platform. It allows angel investors, institutional firms from anywhere in the world to buy shares in growth-oriented businesses. Hence, Eureeca serves as the perfect alternative funding option to conventional financing sources such as banks.

15. Fundwise

Country: Estonia

Fundwise acts as a meeting place between campaigners and investors. The platform has 29879 users and boasts a 70% success rate. Moreover, it has raised more than $6 million. Backers invest in a company in return for equity or convertible notes. Individuals must register a private or public limited liability company in Estonia and submit the required data before launching a campaign in Fundwise.

16. Green Funding.JP

Country: Japan

Green Funding supports talented athletes facing financial difficulties. It’s a crowdfunding platform for sports and athletes based in Japan. The platform allows athletes and teams to raise money, share their stories and grow their fan base. 

17. Oneplanetcrowd

Country: Netherlands

The Amsterdam-based crowdfunding platform brings innovative startups and investors together, offering financial sustainability and returns. Oneplanetcrowd operates as a venture capital whereby it facilitates subordinated loans with equity conversion options. Campaigners must have a funding goal ranging between $114 thousand and $2.85 million. In addition, they must have raised 20% of the funding goal before their campaign becomes live. 

18. OurCrowd

Country: Israel

OurCrowd is a 2013 Israel-based crowdfunding platform that helps startups grow into well-established ventures. OurCrowd has a strict vetting procedure for startups or SMEs before matching them with accredited investors. 

The latter provides venture capital financing for Israeli and International vetted startups. The platform boasts more than $1.8 billion in committed funds from 180000 accredited investors. 

Regardless of where you are located, it has become easier to raise funds for your project through crowdfunding. While the above list is not exhaustive, it provides some of the most common crowdfunding platforms across the globe, some of which are available internationally.