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Nov 05, 2020
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Dec 05, 2020

Billie Bust Up is a musical 3D Platformer with cute characters and catchy villain songs! 🎶


Animation by Fable Siegel

  •  Billie Bust Up is a musical 3D platformer inspired by Disney musicals, with memorable unique villains and singing bosses, we’ve entwined the gameplay into the music 
  • Each main character has their own song that sells their personality, motives, and charm. Up to 15 unique songs by Daniel Ingram! 
  • The lyrics serve as a telegraph for the gameplay
  • Attacks drop to the beat of the music with rhythm-based battles 
  • Music adapts to the way you play

  • Different gameplay experiences and battles for each song to engage the player in new and more interesting ways, as to not get repetitive
  •  A large and unique cast of characters, each with their own backstories, personalities, and charm 
  •  A cheerful and cute exterior masking a deeper and darker story 

  • Optional sing-a-long mode for every song
  •  Accessible! We think it’s important for everyone to have the chance to play, read our full list of features here 
  • Optional local split-screen co-operative gameplay between Billie and Oscar

After learning that she has incredible magic powers that she inherited from her father, Billie was made an apprentice of the amazing Aristotle, the Axolotl, who will mentor her throughout the game and teach her new spells. Billie has a wide range of skills. 


Using magic Billie can use a low-level telekinesis spell, letting her glide slowly to the ground with the help of her trusty umbrella wand

Broom Brolly

Billie extends her closed umbrella into a broomstick and rides around on it for extra speed, it can glide over hazards such as lava, water, quicksand, and more

Umbrella Shield

Billie’s umbrella creates a shield around her, it has its own health bar. It restores its health over time if it is not in use. It will start to crack as its health depletes. When Billie releases her shield it makes a small shockwave that pushes enemies back, the strength of the shockwave depends on how much HP remains on the shield. 

 Water Brolly

When opened, it can rain inside Billie’s umbrella. The rainwater regrows grass in the spots where Oscar has been digging. It can put out fires, help grow seeds, and turn lava into a temporary rock platform. 


Billie is temporarily invisible and can only be seen by enemies with heat vision goggles. Her invisibility will be removed if damaged or if the endurance meter runs out. The meter refills when the skill is not in use.


Billie grows wings formed from magic! Using a strong telekinesis spell she can lift herself into the air with short bursts of magic. She can flap 3 times for extra height and glide in between.

 Magic Decoy

Billie will summon a personalized item that will distract its target, however, the item will be only effective for a limited time period. 

Umbrella Bounce

Oscar can bounce off Billie’s umbrella when it is open, this includes when she is gliding. Billie can also open her umbrella on the ground and is fully mobile when using it but cannot use abilities.  


Oscar’s dig move will leave a pair of holes at the entry and exit points that serve as a teleport. There can be 3 sets of holes at a time, both Billie and Oscar can use them.


Billie pulses out a frost shockwave that freezes enemies and water within its radius. Billie can freeze any nearby water to create temporary platforms of ice. 


See important items, allies, and enemies, through walls. The controller will begin vibrating if close to a buried item and will vibrate more violently the closer the player is to an item. The controller will pulse vibrate when ready to dig.


Billie, and Billie ALONE, travels backward through time. Can be used for puzzles or to recover from platforming mistakes. Holding down the key rewinds Billie, releasing the key stops the rewind. 

There will be many different Outfits for you to collect for both Billie and Oscar. These can either be sold by local vendors in exchange for your hard earned Bells or found in the world by exploring and solving puzzles.

Yes you can! Pamper your best friend in Oscar’s Petting Game. You can wash him when he gets dirty, feed him treats, unlock new toys and costumes and much more. Check out the video below for an early preview of what to expect in the full game.

We will be releasing on Steam and offering DRM free copies on PC. Whilst we want to release on all consoles, this can be hard with a limited budget. We have been approved for Switch developer access, but we cannot promise this until we have the game running on test consoles. However, if we can guarantee a platform release you may change your digital copy to the confirmed console of your choice!

Current community members of Billie Bust Up know that the characters are the bread and butter of this game, boasting tons of personality, each one is dear to us. Their backstories have been fully fleshed out, and each villain gets a song by Daniel Ingram to compliment their aesthetic and to their motive and personality. The heroes will also get their own songs to truly make this a musical adventure.

There are four major villains’ in total, from left to right we have Fantoccio the puppet, Dutch the wolf, Elaine the cat pirate Queen and Barnaby the party ghost owl. Each worlds theme has a unique flair and concept to keep the gameplay interesting and fun.

Billie and Oscar

Billie’s voice is by Amber May! Her voice has previously featured in Pokemon Journeys as Camille, Kenono Friends and Vindictus.

Aristotle the Axolotl

Aristotle is a wandering traveler, talented and knowledgeable in the ways of magic, a true mentor figure! They pitch up a tent in the enchanted forest an recruit Billie as a magic protégé. 

Watch the fully voiced storyboard of Aristotle below. Aristotle is voiced by Edward Bosco, best known for his work as Alastor in Hazbin Hotel and Ed in SFV

The Treehouse 

Billie and her friends, Lou and Lily, spend a lot of their time inside the treehouse, serving as one of Billie’s main hubs throughout the game.

Elaine’s level is a sprawling large cat pirate city, with lots of places to climb and explore. A lot of the designs for the buildings were based around cat toys, and there are plenty of hidden cat faces around the map, can you spot them all? 

 You’ve found yourself a prisoner to the Cat Pirate Queen Elaine, in an attempt to find the secrets to your magic-wielding abilities.     

 Billie sets out on her very first mission, is immediately captured by cat pirates, and taken prisoner by the terrifying Captain Elaine. Now, she must escape, and steal the gem back from the pirates! This level contains stealth segments and a giant cat pirate city to explore.   

View Elaine’s voiced storyboard below! Elaine’s voice is provided by Melissa Medina! Previous work includes playing Mindy from Holofist and Lucy von Deita on Wild Card.

Billie has managed to convince Dutch, owner of a renowned hotel, to give her a job. Juggle working under the direction of Hayes in this lavish establishment and finding the powerful gem Dutch is hiding! 

View Dutch’s voiced storyboard below! His voice is provided by Uncle Ali! Best known for his work as DJ Subatomic Supernova from No Straight Roads!

reference sheet for Dutch

Barnaby, the ghost owl, is hosting a forever party, and you’re the newest guest! Trouble is, there’s a token fee for mortals to join. Beat Barnaby at his own games and escape his party castle with his gem… and your life! 

Reference sheet for Barnaby

View Barnaby’s voiced storyboard below, fully voiced by Gabriel C. Brown (BlackGryph0n), best known for his impression work on YouTube, along with providing his singing voice for the songs No Mercy and Beep Beep Like a Sheep

 A musical boss fight and finale, the players’ choices will impact the last Act as they direct their own play by picking prop sets, outfits, and scripts.

Fantoccio, the theatre-loving puppet, has spent 15 years locked away in this enchanted theatre, waiting for the perfect play-thing to come along. Can Billie put up with his theatrical antics, find the gem, and annoy him into letting her go? 

Fantoccio is an extremely egotistical puppet with a napoleon complex and a flair for the dramatic

He has a short temper and will snap if provoked, especially when mocked about his short stature or name. He enjoys character roleplay and acting and will often dress up as multiple characters in his plays as he rarely wants to share the spotlight.   

View Fantoccio’s voiced storyboard below! Fantoccio’s voice is provided by Michael Kovach! Previous work includes playing Angel Dust on Hazbin Hotel and Rocky from Lackadaisy, the animated short.

Billie Bust Up is a musical game, and naturally the music is extremely important. You can hear some examples of the environmental music below, composed by the very talented Gooseworx. Examples demonstrated here are for the cat pirate level, The Goat Escape.

There are plenty of good rewards for pledging to our Kickstarter, a lot being exclusive to Kickstarter itself. Once the stock runs out, it will be gone forever. From pins, to plushies, to drawn pieces of concept art, you can also feature inside the game itself as an NPC, or help us create a boss battle! (musical song not included) Below are some prototypes and examples of what to expect!




Thanks to Kickstarter we have official add-ons! Customize your tier here with the below prices.

 Our game has been planned out from start to finish. Each mission and script laid out with a cost and a project plan, we know exactly how much this game will take to make. Most of our budget thus far has come from grants and self funding, which we have put into polishing Fantoccios boss fight, his song and design. We doubt we can hit the games full budget in one Kickstarter and will seek external funding for the rest of our goal.

We don’t want to extend our current scope past what we’ve already planned for the game, but we’ve laid out the breakdown above for each levels cost. The more we fund and unlock the less we need to get from investors, making it easier to fund but also letting us keep a bigger percentage of the game! We plan to make the entire game regardless, this is a intense passion project, but the more money here we get the easier the process will be and the better quality work we can deliver!

Billie Bust Up has been a passion project of ours for almost 3 years now. Starting as a game jam it slowly grew in popularity and our vision expanded with it. We wanted to make something we were proud of, and last year we restarted the project when we discovered our USP, making the game a musical! A lot of our team members started out as members of the community first and have a great passion for the game and what they do. We can’t be more thankful for everyone’s support thus far, and hope you’ll stick around for the rest of the journey!  So, let’s meet the people behind the game!

 We have planned out every single cost exactly, a lot of money goes into the music, art, animation and design. Our current estimated release date is 2024, as we want to produce a high quality game that we can be proud of. Our team is small but trusted, and we are cautious to expand above our means.  However, we have been extremely open via our funding on Patreon, and on Discord throughout our development and will continue to do so here as well! 

 Backers at the alpha and beta testing tiers will be able to play the game as we work on it also. 

 We’ve been approached by several interested publishers and investors, but all of them have repeated the same critique, that our game simply doesn’t have enough content outside of the boss fight to risk investment. We spent a lot of our funds and time working below minimum wage to produce Fantoccio’s boss fight as a proof of concept for our unique selling point. Along with perfecting the platforming mechanics to be precise, tight, and fun to play within an empty room. Although Billie Bust Up has been in concept for 3 years, it’s only been a year in development, with us scrapping most of our old work back in 2019 when we fully realized what we wanted from this game and its story.

We have been fortunate to receive support in the form of several grants and scholarships, along with the help of our community over on Patreon. However, this money has been drip-fed slowly as to keep James and Katie working full time on the project, but this meant next to no money left over to spend on hiring additional staff to help with concept art, particle effects, music, etc. We want to make a big push on funding to get the game to a point in which we can receive external funding.