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For gauze lovers who want to spend summer in comfort, 8-ply gauze kets for all-year-round comfort.


Our blankets are made of 100% organic cotton that has been certified to the highest standards. It’s a very difficult product to make, but we want you to feel the soft, fluffy, and gentle texture! With this in mind, we have finally completed this product.

Thick yarn is folded inside to create volume, while thin yarn is used on the outside for a comfortable feel against the skin.

Enjoy the fluffy feeling that increases with each wash.

You can be comfortable in all seasons with this one.

The organic cotton gauze fabric prevents dampness in summer and winter, and contains plenty of air, creating a perfect warmth that prevents you from getting cold in bed.

 Gauze blankets are made of thin gauze and dry quickly after washing. we want you to always use clean ones! Moreover, it dries quickly even after absorbing the sweat you scratch, so it will always keep you feeling dry and comfortable. Please do not use a dryer.

Only certified organic materials are used. Our products are carefully made one by one at one of the few certified organic factories in Japan, focusing on the weaving process, sewing, embroidery process, and all materials.

 Only 10 pieces produced per day.

Not only the main body, but also the sewing and embroidery threads are all made of organic cotton. As proof of this, the GOTS and Ecocert certification marks are listed on the product reviews.

In order to protect children and people with sensitive skin, we conduct a strict black light inspection to prevent the transfer of chemical agents.

This is a “non-formalin” product that can be used by babies within 24 months of birth.

  Our first project in January 2021 was a record-breaking project, with 945% of our goal and 183 people supporting the project.

 Comments from those who purchased our products

 ・I live in Okinawa and there are many hot and humid days, but it’s not too hot and not too cold, so I can sleep very comfortably! Itfeels so good that my daughter and I are fighting over it, and I use it every day! (20s female)

・I like it because it has afluffy volume, feels good on the skin, and can be used all year round (30s female)

・I like it because it has just the right amount of volume and feel. (Male in his 40s) 

・It feels good on the skin and is comfortable against the skin. I can wash it at home. (Female in her 30s)

Size: Approx. 90 x 120 cm (half size)

Size: Approx. 140 x 200 cm (full size)

Weight: Approx. 400g (half size)

    Approx. 850g (full size)

Material: 100% cotton (100% organic cotton)

Color: Kinari

Place of manufacture: Made in Japan

We are a company that designs and sells organic cotton products in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Our representative, who has had asthma and atopic dermatitis since he was a child, wanted to develop products and the organic cotton ”SpinBaby” was born out of the desire to develop products that can be used safely by babies. 

Spin Baby is an organic brand that pursues the real thing, weaving thoughts and feelings from birth and accompanying you in your daily life.

-The reason why we put “Proof of a life-” as the subtitle of the brand is because my first child, who is the representative of the company, was born with a designated incurable disease, and we want to cherish the “proof of life” of the many loves and thoughts of all the angels who have come into this world.

In order to bring a smile to everyone’s face, we will continue to bring better products to the world every day. We sincerely hope that you will experience the goodness of organic cotton and use it for many years to come.

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