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MEAL PREPPING MADE EASY | Prep an entire meal in ONE CONTAINER! HOT food/COLD food not a problem!


Do you like microwaved salad, yogurt, fruit, etc🤢🤢🤢.??? NEITHER DO WE🤮 That’s why we created this product!

Frustration😩 is the mother of invention. Traditional meal prep containers are okay, but have one major problem😔. You can’t prep both hot🔥 and cold❄️ food in the same container(unless you like hot salad or warm runny yogurt, as previously mentioned🤮). Otherwise you’re constantly separating the two before reheating🍱.

My product is designed to be sold💰as a pack of meal prep containers with a removable entrée section! This way you can prep out your whole weeks🗓 worth of food🥒 using only one container per meal.