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An application where everyone can add a small order and do a small job to earn money.
Work for Ukrainians.



Help for Ukraine – Apper


 How it’s working ?

1.This app is created to help others to find a job.

2. Thanks to geolocation you are able to find a workplace close to your home.

3. This app will be no charge for those who are looking for job offers. People from Ukraine which would like to post their availability or their service could do it for free.

If you are looking for a work to do, launch this app and see what’s your options in neighborhood.

Apper – project

If you want to announce a job offer, mark on the map where the job is located and fill out the details.

We have simple goal: to connect people who are offering job with those who are looking for one.

This app won’t be serving businesses but regular people.

We also want to give a chance to find a job for immigrants from Ukraine to help them support their families being out of their homeland

How is the application supposed to work?

Everyone, without exception, will be able to register an account and help for free.

Let’s move to the application that is being created:

You add an order that you want someone to do for you, that could be anything. e.g. painting a room, learning Ukrainian, learning to dance, massage, renovation works or making graphics or mowing the lawn.

You define the amount you are willing to pay for the work done and wait for those willing to do it!

In this way, you save and give the opportunity to earn money honestly to your neighbors.

The application will be translated into many European languages ​​to help victims wherever they are.

We need funds for: implementation of the application from the technical side (the graphic design is already prepared.), Translations, payment for and maintenance of servers, domain purchase, marketing, advertising materials, etc.

Can you help ?