MicroNovelty Launches a New Multi-Functional Air Pump

Image @MicroNovelty, Indiegogo

November 2020: New York, United States, MicroNovelty launches a new air pump that’s more than just a portable air pump but also doubles as a lantern and vacuum pump.

The GIGA series, a sub-brand of MicroNovelty, includes two air pump models: small, compact, and highly portable. The second model, though, is currently running a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo.

The need for portable and multi-purpose gadgets is on the rise, especially for outdoorsy individuals. No one wants to stuff their bags with several devices when they can have one that performs most, if not all, the functions. This applies to air inflators, and we have already seen innovators like Mojietu launching multi-functional air inflators. Others, like SeatZac, are launching inflatable objects with inbuilt air-inflators.

So, what is MicroNovelty bringing to the table?

About GIGA Pump2

It is a portable, and multi-function air pump for daily life uses. Its multi-purpose uses include a lantern and a vacuum pump for extra convenience. It is a tool you can use to inflate multiple items, like an air mattress, neck pillow, yoga ball, air bed, swimming ring, or inflatable toys.

Besides inflating items, you can also use its deflate switch to suck out all air from vacuum bags in objects for easier storage.

The GIGA pump 2 features are:

  • Lantern with three light levels and brightness ranging from 40lm to 400 lm
  • It has a portable size
  • Uses types C charging and is chargeable using a PC, wall charger, or a power bank.
  • It has superfast inflation that reaches 180L in a minute
  • Comes with multiple nozzles for fitting in different inflatable items
  • Has a long-running battery life of up to 10 hours of illumination, vacuum 20+ large bags or inflate 10+ single air mattresses.
  • It has a high pressure of up to 3.5KPa for fast inflation
  • Small and lightweight, weighing only 89g
  • It is water-resistant

The super early bird sale price is $29.00, while the IGG special price is $39.00. The retail price is $49.00, so both prices offer 41%and 20% discount respectively. If you are ready to back the project, you have about a week to do so. Also, the shipping is slotted for December 2020

Unfortunately, that retail price is a bit high compared to other portable inflators in the markets. A quick search on online retail sites like Amazon pops out several affordable portable air pumps, some with LCD light.

About The Team

GIGA Series is a sub-brand of MicroNovelty, a company that helps inventors and makers turn their innovative prototypes and ideas into real products. Apart from the first GIGA pump, the company has released more products that aim at making daily life a little bit more bearable: from the portable global adapter to the Moka espresso maker with milk frother, security cameras, and camera backpacks.