$6 raised out of $75,000

A moblie game Base on Chinese myth “Shan Hai”. A game to show you how they become immortal and make Dan.


 Our Story

Our Story began with a teenager wrote a Chinese novel about ancient immortals.

After I got my degree of computer science in the U.S. I went to an IT company. I made games by my own when I had time. None of them makes me satisfied.

4 years ago, I decided to start a new project based on my unpublished novel, and plan to take whole life time to finish it 🙂 maybe.

Then I met another six guys has same interest with me about 3 year ago. We use our free time to build this game together.

Early this year, because of the COVID-19, We had plenty of time to work on our project. Then we realized our game is pretty much done (60%) in the most part. 

As you can see we are all programmers, none of us good at art. We have tried several ways to get the Art supporting from someone else. The result wasn’t good enough. 

We decided to post this game on Kickstater to get money for hiring 2 partners to help us with arts. 

Our Game

  Buddhism is a famous eastern religion. Actually, Taoism is Chinese native religion. Buddhism was introduced into China around 67 A.D. Taoism is the creation religion.

Tao is also called Tai Chi and the Chaos. It means everything as a whole before the creation. Then it becomes to two Yi. Which also called Yin & Yang. It stand for the double sides of the universe. Sun and moon, sky and land, positive and negative, justice and injustice. This is the earliest creation.

Two Yi become to four Xiang. They are stand for S, N, E, W four positions. That’s the foundation of the world. At last, four Xiang become eight Gua. Which represents all the elements such as sky, land, thunder, fire, mountain, wet, water, and wind.

Shan Hai Jing (Mountain and Ocean Bible), is one of the famous book related to Taoism and Chinese ancient immortals story. Most interesting thing is no one could confirm it’s a novel or history or even a Chinese bible. Who knows, the end of science is theology!

We want to share our Chinese native myth universe to all over the world. Come with us to explore the ancient myth world.

Acient China Full of Myths

1. Based on Chinese ancient book Shan Hai Jing(A book includes most Chinese myths stories.), and my novel as well.

  •  Players will travel ancient Asian world according to Shan Hai Jing. A world full of immortals, monsters, mysterious plants and herbs, and legends. 
Dan is everything in the game, basic money, Exp, token etc…

2. Dan is the biggest part of this game. It’s a Chinese traditional alchemy. More mysterious and more complicated.

  •  Gathering herbs, inducers, ores. Even beat the monsters would provide sources for making a Dan.
  •  Each player has their own formula to make Dan. Quality of resources, flame, furnaces, even the time will influence the result.
  •  As the most important part, Dan is everything in this game. Dan could give EXP to level you up. For sure, it’s not only the basic money in the game but also a token(Tai Chi liquid) to buy character skins. It also gives special perks when fight with BOSS and Players. And  there is more waiting for you to explore. 

Combat scene, Music and Turn based combat game are combined together.

3. Not a traditional game.

  •  We combined music game and turn based combat game together.  Follwing the drumbeats to tap the screen to attack enemies. Skills and strategy are both important in the game.
  •  Freedom is full of the game. You could be a farmer, to grown or gathering resources when you are tired of fighting.
  •  Experiment and testing legendary formula may not be a bad choice.
  •  Put all the attributes points on defense instead of attack to enjoy what called stable like the mountain.
  •  Lucky is the most useful and the most useless attribute in the game. Life is a box of chocolate, you never know what gonna get. Right?
  •  Once you are powerful enough, become a bandit could be a great idea. (Working on it…..) 
Sample of voting

4. Mostly Players rule the game. Vote system.

  •  We will set a voting system inside the game. Allows players to vote each month about new update. We take 33% votes and players take the 67% votes. Each month we will publish a vote of a update. Players could vote if publish this update or not.

 Next Plan

1.According to our calculation, we need about 50,000 CNY which approximate $75,000 American dollars to hire 2 partners to finish the art part in the next 6 months. After that, the early demo and real phone testing video will come out.  (Around July 2021.)

2.Then We need another 4 months to test and finish the game. When it ready, we will test the game on Android system first and randomly invite 100 players to join the test.

3.We hope get all the feedback before 2022 Spring Festival.

4.Totally, after 12-16 months. Around 2022 Summer. We will start the first Alpha test on both Android and IOS system. (IOS may little bit late than Android because of the Apple’s regulations.)

Questions & Answers

Q: Is this graphic would be the same we see in the game?

A: I would say it won’t be. As you can see those are only scratches and simple drawing. We are really bad at art, we tried to show how game is. We asked my friend  to draw the pictures who is also not a professinal artist but better than as.

Q: What if we get more than $75,000 dollars?

A: We are thinking about buying a better server and maybe pay part of money to create our own game musics.

Q:Alpha test pass is only work in alpha test?

A:No, once you get the pass, it works on all the alpha tests and beta test.  

Q:Is this game’s language only in Chinese?

A:No, we had great translation in English, but for other languages. I am sorry to tell that we don’t have the skills to translate . If possible, we will add more languages after the beta test.