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Bring traditional Japanese Matcha set to your home! Delicious Matcha tea & bamboo whisk set for you to enjoy true matcha!


Traditional Japanese  Matcha tea  & bamboo whisk set for you to enjoy true matcha!

1.  Warm the tea bowl and tea whisk

2.  Shift the matcha

3.Wipe the tea bowl

4.  Put 2g of MATCHA

5.  Pure the hot water


    -80-90 ℃/170-190 ℉

6.  Whisk the tea

   -Make creamy bubble

7.  Enjoy to drink

  •  Why start the project 

1. I started this project to spread out Traditional Japanese  Matcha  and Japanese  Tea Ceremony, and more people lover it all over the world!

2. To keep Japanese traditions and spread out superfood Matcha.

 Japanese Traditions are disappearing for a variety of reasons including  coronavirus. I will keep Japanese cultures.

  • These two types of Matcha, but they differences

Ceremonial grade matcha  that is  used in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. It’s highest quality grade of Matcha. 

Culinary grade matcha is a slightly lower grade of Matcha than ceremonial grade Matcha. It is usually less expensive, and  be added to lattes, smoothies, baked goods, and other recipes. 

  • Green Rose Matcha

Keep up traditions, Green Rose is collaboration with one of the best Matcha farm in Kyoto.

  •  How to keep  Matcha 

Once if you open the Matcha, please keep it refrigerator or freezer with reclosable bag to keep fresh aroma and color.

-You can keep Matcha for 6 months in the refrigerator.

-You can keep Matcha for 1 year in the freezer.

  •  About Green Rose 

Green Rose is Japanese cultures experience school.

-Giant Calligraphy performance

-Japanese calligraphy

-Japanese tea ceremony



  • About Ryokufu Iwasaki

 I, Ryokufu Iwasaki am taught Japanese in Australia and New Zealand for several years. I also had the chance to teach calligraphy and tea ceremony in Australia, New Zealand, England, and America. It takes 10 years to become an excellent calligraphy teacher. Even though I am young, I have over 29 years experience and I’m well qualified to teach calligraphy. I started studying the beautiful art of calligraphy when I was six years old, and throughout most of my life, I have dedicated myself to learning this art.  I am also a finalist of  2017 “Miss Wine” contest representing Kyoto prefecture, and a finalist of  2019 “MISS NADESHIKO NIPPON” contest representing Niigata prefecture.

【Please read it before funding】

1. According to the Kickstarter, I can only accept your money if the project is fully funded. If we fail to fully fund the project, all money will be returned. Once funded, you will receive an email with your personal access code.

2. Due to the effects of the coronavirus, it appears the delivery will be slow.

To spread out Matcha and keep Japanese traditions, We look forward to your support on Kickstarter project.

Thank you for reading.

Green Rose